Jimmy Maddon Make Love Inside Your Bed single review

Australian avant- garde artist Jimmy Maddon has built himself a name on the indie circuit in the last years. His mixture of hard/glam rock with elements of comedy has been described as unique and highly entertaining, capturing imagination of music fans across continents. He had released self-titled debut album in 2020 and a handful of singles, including hilariously funny “Crime of the Century” and “Do I Turn You On”. To further his career, Jimmy moved from his home in Australia to the UK.

Single cover

It`s hard not to fall in love with Maddon if you like the ambitious and the unpredictable in music. From his image (high heel boots, flamboyant clothes and make up), witty lyrics to incredible voice, Jimmy is not just a songwriter but creates a whole experience for listeners to enjoy. He places himself somewhere in between outrageously grandeur prog rock acts, musicals (or rock operas if you prefer) and pantomime. Similarly to Meat Loaf or David Bowie, Maddon finds theatre to be an inspiration and creative outlet at the same time. He may not have big budgets for his gigs yet, but his energy, passion and determination create fierce and unforgettable shows. Just ask those who seen him live, they will swear they met Ziggy Stardust in a grass root venue.

On 25th February, Jimmy Maddon released his newest single “Make Love (Inside Your Bed)” and I just had to write few words, because otherwise it would be a sin. What a quirky and fun piece of music! Jack Black would be proud! Meaty riffs, long guitar parts, breakneck speed. If art rock and hair metal had a baby it could sound like this. Then come two types of vocals: high pitched falsetto “choruses” and Jimmy`s regular, hard hitting singing manner.  I may not be classically trained but been in a church choir long enough to know that Jimmy Maddon possesses quite a range, possibly even a 4-octave voice. He is like Freddie Mercury, Mika and Dee Snider rolled into one hell of a rock and roll front man.

The whole song is delivered effortlessly with vigor and sense of playfulness. Jimmy is simply having the time of his life. And I think this is the most important in “Make Love” – bringing back adventure, fun and a whole lotta humor into good, old-fashioned rock and roll. Don’t get me wrong. It`s important to sing about the ugly bits, heartbreaks or political stuff. I`ll be the first to tell any band to stand up for something. Being an artist by design is to comment about the times and realities of life. But it`s equally important to remember that music must bring joy and laughter. Not everything has to be a somber soliloquy. Sometimes you must scream, shout and do a boogie-woogie. Jimmy Maddon gets it.   

Another thing about “Make Love” that is worth attention are the lyrics. Inclusive, perceptive and surprisingly innovative. Avoiding lazy rhymes or cliches when it comes to love songs is a problem for many singers, no matter how good they are. Jimmy Maddon can easily give master classes how to write an affectionate tune. In a way he reminds me of Edward Ka-Spel of Legendary Pink Dots, the way he cares to bring substance to a song with words. Nothing is as sexy and alluring as intelligent and amusing lyrics.

Jimmy Maddon by Riccardo Cenci

“Make Love (Inside Your Bed) was recorded at Make Noises Studios in Sheffield and mastered by Joseph McCarthy at Inter Sound Studio in Australia, proving another important point that nowadays you can work with anyone, at any time, in any country and it can only produce great results. Art is borderless and collaboration with people from all walks of life is essential.

Jimmy is starting to get some incredible reviews on his new single, just check what Australian Broken 8 Records had to say about the track:


He`s also one of few artists on the indie circuit to frequently receive fan arts. Proper stardom for this lad soon, but then again, we all already know it. Go, get them Jimmy.

You can follow Jimmy Maddon on social media:


Malicia Dabrowicz

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