Indieterria meets Jimmy Maddon

It may be cold outside, but we have got the hottest music. After we published our review of Jimmy Maddon`s “Make Love (Inside Your Bed)”, our blog enjoyed three days of increased traffic. The single received some much love and interest from readers and people on the circuit, that we decided to sit down with Jimmy for an interview. We spoke about Australian music, his song writing process and what musical he`d love to star in.

Jimmy is warm, funny and open. His optimism and positivity are infectious. But we also must draw your attention to his incredible work ethics. This is what makes rock and roll stars and we truly hope that one day Jimmy will play the biggest arenas in the world.

Jimmy Maddon by photographer Riccardo_Cenci

You are known for your excellent performances and your incredible voice range. But not many people know Jimmy Maddon as a person. Please introduce yourself to readers of Indieterria.

Jimmy Maddon:  I’m Jimmy Maddon, a glam rock and roll singer with a taste for the unusual. I spent my early years touring Australia, Asia and the United Kingdom before settling back down in England to create a new sound for the senses.

You recently relocated from Down Under to England. How do you find the local music scene? Is it similar or much different to the scenes back home?

Jimmy Maddon: Australia is a beautiful place to live, but unfortunately not a great place to be
a musician because everything is just so far apart! It makes touring Australia very hard but from what I’ve seen here there are many similarities in the scene itself – maybe better!

Australian musicians have right now incredible influence on the world: Amyl and The Sniffers, Gang of Youths and Courtney Barnett all enjoy major successes basically everywhere. Do you feel like part of something bigger? What makes Australian music so incredibly diverse and strong these days?

Jimmy Maddon: Australia’s biggest strength is also its biggest weakness; we are so removed from the rest of the world that we had to build our own sounds. But it also makes it harder to be heard. Traditionally Australia has had great musicians so it’s no surprise we’re getting a real run. But I’ve always been a global performer so it’s hard for me to identify with one scene. 

A lot of attention goes into your stage persona: the clothes, make up, boots, jewellery. You leave nothing to chance, every single detail is carefully planned. It’s hard not to draw comparisons to Bowie or Meat Loaf. Do you take your inspiration from theatre or opera, like the big rock stars before you?

Jimmy Maddon:
Absolutely! I love the theatre and opera! But I also take a lot from history and what other rock stars have done before me. Most of it is just me really, I believe if you’re going to do something, go over the top! I like to dress up in an over-the-top way even to buy a pint of milk. Some of it is also clever marketing – hard to forget the guy in glitter! (laughs)

Photo by Riccardo Cenci

Then there`s your voice! You can go from hard rock vocals to pure falsetto in a matter of seconds. We gotta ask: are you classically trained vocalist?

Jimmy Maddon: Not at all! In fact, when I first wanted to become a singer, I couldn’t sing a note to save my life. I would walk around school telling everyone I was going to be a rock star and people would reply “yeah, yeah Jimmy”!

But I just worked away at it, mostly by gigging and learning how to control my voice and really how to sing like Freddie Mercury. As for the dog whistle falsetto, I don’t really know where that came from but it gives me an enormous diversity in what I’m singing.

“Make Love (Inside Your Bed”), your new single, was released last week. It was recorded in Sheffield but mastered in a studio in Australia. Tell us how the song was born. Is there any story behind it?

Jimmy Maddon:  It all came about because I recorded a prog rock-meets gospel choir-meets operatic number in Australia and someone I was working with at the time was a bit unsure about it being a lead track and told me to go and write a “sexy, quick single” (laughs)

So I did just that!

There is a plan behind it of course – but it was born out of a throw away conversation… unfortunately having it mixed in Australia was not expected and we had some trouble with the stems but it seems to be well liked.

Photo by Riccardo Cenci

Your lyrics are very witty and often hilarious, but also intelligent. Pardon the comparison but your style of writing reminds us of Flight of the Conchords. They also use humour and double meanings to raise various points. Who would you say inspired your song writing?

Jimmy Maddon: My main inspirations are Queen and Jim Morrison of The Doors as well as various poets, operas or Shakespeare plays!

That said, while every song is incredibly serious – I do enjoy the odd tongue-in-cheek and playful number. It keeps the music fun and interesting. I think for every “Outside” or “Black Coffee” it’s good to have a “Make Love” or “Do I Turn You On?”

As long as there is musical validity, it works!

We know you are planning a tour. Where can we see you live?

Jimmy Maddon:  Anywhere that will take me! But the UK, Europe and USA are my main lists for this year!

One great single leaves a lot of hunger. Do you have any more music on the way?

Jimmy Maddon: Absolutely. Two more singles are coming and then I’ll re attempt my second studio album now that lockdowns aren’t a threat.

It continues to amaze me the hunger and fan base I have from my music. It’s remarkable and that’s the fire in the belly. Who would have thought some kid from a quiet, leafy suburb of Australia could be selling albums around the world!

Last question. You are given a main role in a musical. You can choose between “Rocky Horror Picture Show”, “Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” and “Bat out of Hell”. What`s your choice?

Jimmy Maddon: Without a doubt, Rocky Horror!

The first occasion we have to see Jimmy live, we will be there and you can expect a nice, long review and some videos. Until then, you can read our review of “Make Love (Inside Your Bed”) here:

You can also follow Jimmy on social media and we absolutely think you should. You will discover quality music and an artist who follows his own ways in the music industry.


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