Month: November 2010

Shock and horror

Allo,   It`s coming a bit later than we thought. But here it is nontheless. The post where Malicia will reveal her artwork for the exhibition against the censorship. While Rita protests the government`s influence on the artistic expression in music, Mal takes on many different topics at one go. You know three censors, one […]


Art Sale wrap up

And its done The Art Sale had closed at 15:00 today. We had quite a nice crowd considering the fact that it was raining. What can we say? It was a great expeprience, both meeting people and selling art wise. Pauleen managed to sell a big painting, Rita sold two of her cat series collages […]


Day One is over

Folks, Just a really quick message and few photos to go with it. We had a great time this evening. It was intimate but worth every second and we have first sells! We have actually got more than after Notte Bianca. Just to remind you there are four artists participating in the Art Sale this […]