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We just wanted to update you on the Food Drive front. We have managed to collect over 30 different items. Two full boxes. We cannot thank enough to all the great people that contributed: Peter and his wife, Winnie and Grace, Marco for his help with carrying and logistics, Daniela for coming over to take the goods and spreading the word about the whole situation.

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After our initial shopping (that was mentioned in our previous entry) Rita decided to get more items on her own. You can’t beat her intuition. She knew that other people will concentrate on the canned food and items that adults can use, so she added two more packs of nappies to what we have already gathered. When Daniela was coming to pick up the items she told us that not many people got nappies. So if you are still thinking to pool in, please get the baby food and nappies. They are still needed and you will be able to help in a serious matter.

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You may also look at the food database prepared by Food Drive to see what else you can contribute:

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The items were taken today at noon. There are other things in the pipeline, so we will be updating you folks. Please be coming back to the blog and don’t forget to also visit the webpage for Food Drive, for further announcements.!/event.php?eid=137750516253051

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Best regards,

Mal & Rita

Food Drive

 HI All

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It’s been a while since last time we posted. It’s not going to be much about art this time around but sometimes one has to blog about other things.

As you may know, Mal is living on the island of Malta. Currently it had been brought to our attention that there is a group of women living in St. Paul`s Bay, who find themselves in a dire situation. They have no income, they are immigrants and they have kids. It comes down to basically one thing and we will put it here: hunger.  Two women and 7 kids are in the most need of food… You would think that these things won’t happen in the EU.  But they do, unfortunately.

There is a group that collects food for them. Call us rotten feminists but we cannot just leave other females by themselves. We decided to jump in and help a bit.

Mal passed a word at work and her boss (Thank you so much Peter!) contributed 20 EUR. We have doubled it. So we had 40 EUR (that’s how much you get in you are unemployed per week in allowances in Malta). We decided to go and see how much food we would get to feed a whole family. We decided to go to the nearest supermarket and buy the cheapest food in biggest quantities and nappies.  Just like women who have to cater for a large family.

It had been a heartbreaking experience. To put it mildly with just 40 EUR we didn’t buy much. You can see for yourself:

Photo by Mal

A pack of nappies, a bottle of sunflower oil (3 L), 1 KG pack of pasta, 3 packs of sugar (3 kg), 1 pack of tea (300 bags), 2 couscous packs (2 kg),  2 packs of spaghetti, 1 big can of tomatoes pulp and 3 bottles of tomatoes souse . No baby food, no veggies no bread, no cleaning supplies…Just the bare minimum. We have honestly no idea how large families could survive without their relatives with such an allowance…

Photo by Mal

We have gathered all the items in a box and plan to forward it soon to the organizers of the food collection. But as you see the box is still half empty.  Mal would love to hear from you if you could contribute something. Even one item. You can also visit the facebook group if you want to organize something yourself or pass the world:!/event.php?eid=137750516253051

We really will be grateful.

Mal &Rita