Month: February 2022

Indieterria meets Clopidi

Everybody loves DIY bands recording ambitious music in their bedrooms…or bunkers. Yes, you read it correctly. French/German project Clopidi record their music in a bunker that had been repurposed as a practice room. In the heart of Hamburg`s seedy St. Pauli district, we may add. Form the first notes of their debut single “My Window”, […]


PRoject Leave The Capital – Luna Rosa Interview

And here we are! Today is the big day when Project: Leave The Capital is finally going on tour. After months of preparation, recording, rehearsals, planning and worrying, the first show is happening right now, probably as you read this article. Four incredible teams (Blaggers Records, Blender, Vandalism Begins @ Home and Transmission Indie), joining together to give four […]