Indieterria meets Clopidi

Everybody loves DIY bands recording ambitious music in their bedrooms…or bunkers. Yes, you read it correctly. French/German project Clopidi record their music in a bunker that had been repurposed as a practice room. In the heart of Hamburg`s seedy St. Pauli district, we may add. Form the first notes of their debut single “My Window”, we knew we had something special on our hands. So as fast as we could we arranged a little interview with the master mind behind the project.

There is no greater joy than discovering new and quality music and bringing it to the masses. One amazing band or artist at a time.

Debut single cover

Not every day we get the opportunity to interview a French aerospace engineer living in Hamburg. Please introduce yourself to the readers of Indieterria.

Corentin Neyran: Hi all, I´m Corentin Neyran, a French musician and engineer who moved 5 years ago to Hamburg in Germany for both work and musical reasons. I was the drummer for the Indie act the Kecks from 2017 to the end of 2019, when I left to focus on what would become Clopidi.

For over two years you have been a drummer for The Kecks – a band tipped for international success so much that they have been nicked “The Strokes of Hamburg”. Was it hard to leave, just when the hard work started to pay off?

Corentin Neyran: It wasn’t an easy decision I have to admit. I really enjoyed both the music and the people in the band and as you mentioned, the future looked promising. But in parallel, I started to have these ideas about some new music which I felt I should develop on my own. I knew I was going to need time and also head space to be able to focus on this music, so I followed my gut feeling and I decided to leave the Kecks.

Tell us the beginnings of Clopidi. How did the project come about?

Corentin Neyran: The original plan was to produce the demo of a song on my own from start to finish, to confront myself to all the different steps and have a better view on the music I was going for.

From the beginning I had a pretty clear idea of what the instruments would do and their role in the music. But the biggest challenges for me were the singing and the production/mixing side of it, as
I never really did any of that before.

It was a bit of a struggle at the start, but it slowly started to take shape, and after a year and a half
I ended up with the song “My Window”.

Would you describe Clopidi as a solo project? Do you have any musical collaborators?

Corentin Neyran:  I´d say it currently looks like one as I am the only person behind it at the moment, but my goal is to step by step develop it into a more collaborative project and include other musicians and artists into it. Whether it is to record some tracks, perform live or create videos etc. It is the reason why I didn’t choose to use my own name for the project or why I don’t advertise it with my face.

Your first single “My Window” was released in December 2021 to warm reviews. We must admit, it caught us off guard – such an upbeat indie banger dropped quietly in the middle of Christmas season. Was it a conscious decision to go against the grain and release original material when everyone else was singing carols?

Corentin Neyran:  Actually, there wasn’t any strategic thought behind it. As it was the first song, my main thought was “do I feel ready to officially share this part of me to other people?”. And it seemed that I was ready just for Christmas! I thought it was also a nice little gift for my family and friends who were hearing about that new project for months.

“My Window” was supported by a semi animated video that you created alongside Lucas Schwob – puppeteer and visual artist. It offers some incredible details. The house in which the protagonist lives has plants, cat shaped decorations and tiny little furniture. It must have taken months to make!

Corentin Neyran:  It did take a few weeks to plan everything for the video, some furniture we had to create from scratch using our previous model-making and Warhammer skills. Many of the elements are also random small objects used as furniture, like the big cat is a bookmark and the curtains are made of old socks. I find it fun to use everyday life objects and give them another meaning in
a different context.

Band logo

Do you have any new music lined up? When is your next offering coming out?

Corentin Neyran: Yes, I´m close to being done with a second song that will be released sometime in the spring. It will be in French this time! I don’t listen to that many bands singing in French, but it somehow felt important to me to also sing in my native language.

When can we see you live in 2022? Do you have any gigs planned?

Corentin Neyran: With the covid situation and all the gigs being canceled, the live aspect hasn’t been the priority in the development of Clopidi. The current plan is to create and release some more music during 2022 and to develop a live band and setting to bring to the stage when it will be ready.

Let`s get a bit political: as a musician living in Europe, how do you think Brexit will affect new artists who plan to tour the UK?

Corentin Neyran: I guess European bands will have to organize much more in advance to secure any visa/ paper issues, so it might make it more difficult to do spontaneous shows over there. I hope that with time some arrangements will be done so that artists from both sides can easily cross the border to perform shows. It would mean a lot to me to bring Clopidi to the UK at some point as I lived in Bolton for 6 months and I´ve played there with the Kecks on few occasions.

If any reviewers or bookers want to get in touch, how can they do it?

Corentin Neyran: The easiest way would be to use the email or of course get in touch through the social media.

Anyone can play a guitar

Last question will be a bit of a challenge. Imagine you were to record a song that you truly despise. What song would you cover and how are you going to improve it?

Corentin Neyran: Ah interesting I never thought about that. I guess the song that annoys me the most when I hear it is “Despacito” by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee. Probably I’d go for a raw black metal version, to take the song to a world that seems completely opposite to the original version. It would be much less danceable though.

You can follow Clopidi on social media:

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