Avalanche Party –  “Bugzy” (Stable Mix

Crowned by the BBC1 as “the most exciting rock & roll band in the UK right now”, Yorkshire based quintet Avalanche Party are one of the brightest stars of the independent music circle. Since 2016, the feral rock and roll five piece performed at the most important domestic festivals, played all over Europe and even travelled to the USA, earning themselves die-hard fans and a stellar reputation.

Picture by Jason Ferdinando

We have seen them play live at an intimate gig at the Sunflower Lounge in Birmingham in November last year and it was an unforgettable experience. Since then, the band has released their debut album “24 Carat Diamond Trephine“, received praise from every corner of the music business (BBC6 called it an “Album of the Day”) and sold out stripped, socially distanced gigs.

Unable to tour due to coronavirus pandemic, Avalanche Party returned to the studio to work on a new material that will see the light of the day next year. But before 2020 is finally done, they prepared one last surprise for their fans – an acoustic version of their single “Bugzy”, recorded in a stable, somewhere in the wildest parts of the Yorkshire Moors.

The unplugged recording, accompanied by a video shot and edited by Kyle Howells & Lee Dainton (creator of MTV’s Dirty Sanchez and Balls of Steel) features two members of the Avalanche Party – lead singer Jordan Bell on guitar and guitarist Jared Thorpe, playing saxophone! The song stands at 2 minutes and 49 seconds  and it’s simply the most beautiful 3 minutes of this year. It is tender, stripped back to its emotional core, harmonious and absolutely mesmerizing. We cannot forget about two special guests, a black horse named Jack and a border collie Sam who calmly listen to this extraordinary performance.

Joe Bell, Avalanche Party’s bassist, joked that the song has been chosen especially to please the horse, being his favourite song from the band’s catalogue.

From left: Jake the Lad, Jared Thorpe and Jordan Bell. Picture by Jason Ferdinando

“Jack is a key player and business partner in most of our upcoming projects. It was imperative we kept him in the highest of spirits and with plenty of snacks” he said. Joe also disclosed that the recording took place in a stable located on High Farmdale Farm belonging to the Ferdinando Family, the band’s close collaborators and friends. One of the owners, Jason Ferdinande is Avalanche Party’s court photographer.

“The location was just Jack’s front room and he therefore didn’t need to travel” laughed Bell. “He charged us a hire fee too and eaten our budget!”


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