The Kecks – Lonely This Christmas

There are songs worth reviewing over the festive period. Who needs rest when you have so much good music being released in the last days of 2020? The multi national band, The Kecks has been on our radars since last year, but the past twelve months really pushed them onto the front lines on the independent circuit. In October, they released their well received single “All For Me” that not only received multiple plays in the UK, but also got onto the radio waves in Canada, US, France and even Australia! The quartet is now back with a beautiful rendition of Mud’s “Lonely This Christmas” that will again break your heart and bring a tear to your eyes.

The Kecks by Denis Uhreniuk1

Writing about the single earlier this month, JoyZine Magazine compared it to “Elvis fronting a wide-trousered English novelty glam band in the 1970s” and it’s a really well fitting description. Lead singer, Lennart Uschmann has an incredible voice and he can sing as good as The King himself without falling into a pastiche or parody. The rest of the band is not lazing around and they do not try to sound like The Growlers or Mud covers band. The song may not be a far cry from the original, but is original enough to stand on its own. And this is something that very few bands can do.

Recorded for The Glade Sessions at a small house in the German countryside, “Lonely This Christams” is a perfect remedy for the never-ending sonic torture in the form of Mariah Carey and Wham served ad nauseum daily since The Halloween.

“We got into the song mainly through The Growlers and their beautifully sad rendition” says bassist Joel Phillips. “It’s still such an emotionally powerful and dark song despite it being a Christmas song so it seemed like an obvious choice to throw into the set for a Christmas show a couple of years ago at the Astra Stube in Hamburg. We half figured it out in soundcheck and then something just clicked when we played it live. It was so well received that night that we decided to record our own live version next time we were in the studio! It’s extra poignant this year because it looks like we are going to be having our owl little dysfunctional family Xmas together in Hamburg, as it isn’t looking like we will be able to travel home any time soon”.

Pandemic or not, The Kecks are on the roll and 2021 is going to be a really exciting year for them. Be on the lookout, there is word on the street that the band is already working on new music to be released in the spring.

“Lonely This Christmas” is also available on band’s Soundcloud at:


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