The Moo Project Part Three


Welcome again, to the third, and sadly the last part of The Moo Project. To be honest, we are a bit surprised how popular the series turned out to be. It seems people just love when cattle and art come together! The majority of our readers were from the UK (no surprise here as Herefordians like to read about themselves!) but other visitors came from USA, Thailand, Canada, Malaysia and even Korea. The cows went viral and are grazing on the green pastues of the world wide web 😀

If you missed the previous entries here are the links:
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Now, let’s us introduce the last batch of artworks:

Moo number 41 aka The Orchard Cow – Hereford is hardly the garden of Eden, but we have lots of apple orchards. We like how the artist painted the apples – great idea for a T-shirt!

The Orchard Moo

Moo number 42 aka The Unknown Cow – we are not sure what exactly this moo represents. Life  in Herefordshire is full of “???” so it’s better not to take a blind quess. Let it be whatever you want.

The Unknown Moo

Moo number 43 aka The Jackson Pollock Cow – one of Rita’s favourites, hence the name. Brilliant storm of colours and shades. We can see it being exhibited in MoMA 🙂

The Jackson Pollock Moo

Moo number 44 aka The Natural Cow – apple tree  in the back, flowers in the middle, butterflies and sunshine for an eye, the natural beauty of Herefordshire painted on a cow.

The Natural Moo

Moo number 45 aka The Trail Cow – the black and white villages trail is a popular tourist attraction. In reality, the houses were not black and white at all – but all different possible colours. A typical trail house can be seen painted here.

The Trail Moo

Moo number 46 aka The Poetry Cow – teenage angst in all its splendor and glory. Grafitti and poetry gratis.

The Poetry Moo

Moo number 47 aka The Ballet Cow – a dancing cow, we haven’t had one yet!

The Ballet Moo

 Moo number 48 aka The Geometry Cow – very useful durnig math class!

The Geometry Moo

Moo number 49 aka The Handy Cow – a very handy cow designed by Jack. Simple but fun design.

The Handy Moo

Moo number 50 aka the Stripes Cow – in Red, White and Blue. The great gift to the American People from the citizens of Hereford.

The Stripes Moo

Moo number 51 aka The Mappa Mundi Cow – fascinating design that reminds us of the Mappa Mundi kept in the Cathedral. We can see mysterious buildings and some strange looking creatures. RPG anyone?

The Mappa Mundi Moo

Moo number 52 aka The Impressionism Cow – one of the most professionally painted artworks in the entire collection. Very melancholic yet beautiful.

The Impressionism Moo

Moo number 53 aka  The Landscape cow – very similar to the previous picture, almost professional work. Herefordshire landscapes at sunset – a true bliss.

The Landscape Moo

Moo number 54 aka The Cartoon Cow – we see a great idea for a comic book cover here!

The Cartoon Moo

Moo number 55 aka The Typical Hereford Cow – Hereford in a nutshell, except for the sunshine. We don’t get much of it. It always rain here.

The Typical Hereford Moo

Moo number 56 aka The Yet-Another-Bridge Cow – nothing much here but a bridge and green grass.

The Yet-Another-Bridge Moo

Moo number 57 aka The Cherry Blossom Cow – this one is turning Japanese, we really think so!

The Cherry Blossom Moo

Moo number 58 aka The Fruit Cow – a short illustrated guide for orchard owners: first you have the flowers, then the fruits.

The Fruit Moo

Moo number 59 aka  The  Advertising Moo – This new artwork has appeared in the city centre recently on a huge billboard encouraging people to shop in Hereford. Sex sells? Not  here! We have cows!

The Advertising moo

And here is the full advert. Very nice, don’t ya think?

The full advert featuring our moo

Moo number 60 aka The Credits – If you want to blame somebody for having to scroll through three entries of this blog, here is the list of people responsible for it! 🙂

The Moo Credits

Congratulation, you have just finished the cattle introduction to Hereford and Herefordian art.

A big thank you to all artists and teachers, you did a splendid job and gave us a lot to write about.


Rita and Mal

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