The Moo Project Part Two

Aye everybody!

Welcome back to the second part of The Moo Project. First post in September, time for harvest and we cannot think of any better excuse to serve you a big dose of the country side. This morning, on her way to work, Rita saw at least three tractors, two horse carriers and one mega big combine harvester that nearly crashed into a building while taking a U-turn 😀
Oh the joy of living in rural part of the United Kingdom.

If you’d like to see the part one, click here:

For Part three, click here:

But now, let’s us continue:

Moo number 21 aka The Skyline Cow – one of the most interesting artworks in the whole series. The skyline captures two of the most famous Herefordian landmarks: The Cathedral and The All Saints church.  Who needs Waterloo sunset, right?

The Skyline Moo

Moo number 22 aka The Postcard cow – Herefordshire looks lovely on postcards, no doubt about it. The further you are from there, the prettier it gets.

The Postcard Moo

Moo number 23 aka The Captain Obvious Cow – as the title says, Captain Obvious to the rescue!

The Captain Obvious Moo

Moo number 24 aka The All-And-Nothing Cow – it’s not all or nothing, it’s all and nothing. Hereford seems to have it all, but when you look closely, there’s nothing there!

The All-And-Nothing Moo

Moo number 25 aka The High Street Fashion Cow – Wellingtons and ties go well together! (Somebody call Trinny and Susannah! Pronto!)

The High Street Fashion Moo

Moo number 26 aka the Tractor Cow – if you ever find strange circles in your field, fear not. It’s just a tractor, not the Green Men.

The Tractor Moo

Moo number 27 aka The military Base Cow – Ohhhhh you’re out of the army, now. The base is closing down and is being turned into housing association.

The Military Base Moo

Moo number 28 aka The Patchwork Cow – a  little bit of everything on very limited space.

The Patchwork Moo

Moo number 28 aka The Abstract Cow – art can be abstract, but life here is just plain bizzare.

The Abstract Moo

Moo number 29 aka The Flower (Power) Cow –  Hereford grounds maintanance team in local Council is doing a good job!

The Flower (Power) Moo

Moo number 30 aka The Middle of Nowhere Cow – literally. A lone cow in the middle of a field in the middle of nowhere…

The Middle of Nowhere Moo

Moo number 31 aka The Rowing cow – a popular past time among Herefordians, rowing on the River Wye. A good mean of trasport if you cannot rely on the bus. Gets you out of here quite quickly as well.

The Rowing Moo

Moo number 32 aka The Something Fishy Cow – we have to admit, we have no idea why somebody would draw fish on a cow in the first place. There is something fishy about all those fish!

The Something Fishy Moo

Moo number 33 aka The Something Even More Fishy Cow – another cow and even more fish and Rita hasn’t seen even one in the river!

The Something Even More Fishy Moo

Moo number 34 aka The Swan Cow – fish and one swan. Rita has seen swans so it’s ok. She is still feeling weird about the fish anyway!

The Swan Moo

Moo number 35 aka The Two Swan Cow – no fish on this picture, but two swans and three swallows. Very romantic.

The Two Swan Moo

Moo number 36 aka The Swans Cow Part III – what’s wrong with you artists? Swans and fish? We are really, really concern now. The artwork would make a great coat of arms by the way!

The Swans Moo Part III

Moo number 37 aka The Gardening Cow – a cow coming up roses? Who would have thought! Hereford has a beautiful rose garden right next to Order of St. John and Conningsby Museum.

The Gardening Moo

Moo number 38 aka The Sad Cow – or maybe sad cows perhaps as we have many moo’s on this picture. They look aroundand they are not pleased. We are not thrilled either.

The Sad Moo

Moo number 39 aka The Football Cow – now you know how many football balls can be put on a cow 🙂

The Football Moo

Moo number 40 aka The Disco Cow – a brilliantly strange cow in disco neon colours!

The Disco Moo

We are done for now, the part three will be uploaded shortly so please be on the look out.
If you are not tired of all the cows yet, that is.

Mooo’s and Mwah’s
Rita and Mal

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