The Moo Project


Have you ever came across an art project that made you laugh out loud? We have seen many different projects in our lives. Some were simply terrible, some were scary or medicore while others were stunningly good. But few months ago Rita found something truly unique – an art project that attracted passerbys and made them roar with laughter in the middle of a busy street.  The project was prepared by Hereford College of Arts and local elementary and middle schools. Art students guided by professional artists and teachers, created 60 different versions of the town’s symbol – a Herefordian cattle.

The artworks are wonderful. Kids have shown true dedication and great skill and there is nothing to laugh about. The laughter was a reaction to how well the kids presented the life and reality of small rural market town that has its glory days behind it. Rita decided to photograph each cow and named the series of pictures “The Moo Project”. And since she is a Scorpio, she couldn’t help herself but to give each cow a name and add a  more or less satyrical comment.

Please excuse the malicious attitude and enjoy taking the bull (or the cows) by the horns!

Moo number 1 aka The Cider Cow – a very popular alcoholic fruit drink made in Herefordshire. Even the cows like it!

The Cider Moo

Moo number 2 aka The Folk Cow – colorful and unique. You can’t miss a cow wearing pattern like this!

The Folk Moo

Moo number 3 aka Three Colour Moo with a bottle in the middle – long name, but you can call her Tcmwabitm for short. Sounds a little bit Welsh.

Three colour moo with a bottle in the middle

Moo number 4 aka The Harvest Cow – a very blunt reminder to all local farmers: reap what you sow.

The Harvest Moo

Moo number 5 aka The Larger-Than-Life Cow – Everything you see on her is big. Big tree, big apple, big flowers and even the Sun. The cow is large too.

The Larger-Than-Life Moo

Moo number 6 aka The Banksy Cow – isn’t it obvious?

The Banksy Moo

Moo number 7  aka The Apple Cow  – she is all about the apples and iPads and iPhones and iTunes and iCows.

The Apple Moo

Moo number 8 aka The Farm Cow – You know where you are? No, it’s not a jungle. It’s a funny farm…

The Farm Moo

Moo number 9 aka The Rainbow Cow – Herefordian version of My Little Rainbow Pony.

The Rainbow Moo

Moo number 10 aka The Twilight Cow – trees instead of vampires. Rita’s favourite, good job Leah, Stef and Thea!

The Twilight Moo

Moo number 11 aka  The History Cow – except for farms and tractors, Hereford has a lot of history too (and it’s not good for you!)

The History Moo

Moo number 12 aka The Bridge Cow – a cow over (or near) the troubled water.

The Bridge Moo

Moo number 13 aka The Tourist Cow – always near the cathedral.

The Tourist Moo

Moo number 14 aka The Bull – It’s not a Moo, it’s a Bull. Hereford Bull.

The Hereford Bull

Moo number 15 aka The United Cow – united we stand, divided we fall (to the lower league).

The United Moo

Moo number 16 aka The Local Dialect Cow – several useful words that local folks understand!

The Local Dialect Moo

Moo number 17 aka The Local Patriotism Cow – we are proud of what we do (not) have.

The Local Patriotism Moo

Moo number 18 aka The Local Landscape Cow –  fields, farms, tractors, complete lack of public transport (your last bus left when you were still at work…)

The Local Lansdscape Moo

Moo number 19 aka The Local Beauty Cow – promotional pictures you have seen on the Internet and the reality do not match.

The Local Spirit Moo
The Local Beauty Moo

Moo number 20 aka The Local Entertainment Cow –  tractor races and sheep hearding. Fun!

The Local Entertainment Moo

That’s all in part one.
If you still haven’t had enough, please click here  to see  Part II:

Or even the Part III:

Rita ( and Mal)

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