The cat collector or Kat-a-log part 1

Hello you all!

Apologies for a very log silence but we were extremly busy! You wouldn’t believe how many exciting things have happened since last month. We have neglected our blog a bit so the next few weeks will be very busy. Please keep your eyes open and watch this space. We plan to shower you with attention from now on 😀

Today’s entry is a very personal for us both. You see, it’s a family business behind everything we do: our photography, art and design.
Not many people know that our mom Olympia is also an artist. She has designed each cat that Rita made or painted, she also advices Mal on photography and comes up with ideas for composition and photoshoot arrangements.  Olympia is also a collector – she collects rare cats figurines from different parts of the world. The collection started in 2002 and after a decade, consists of more than
100 unique felines from at least 15 different countries. Olympia and Mal joined the forces to present you with a  truly purrfect project named “Kat-a-log”. In short: Olympias’s treasured figurines were taken outside and photographed just like real cats could have been.
Every picture was taken by Mal and designed by Olympia Dabrowicz.

And here are the results:

Kat-a-log Feline no.1
Bread box cat /Sundial Cat – country of origin: Senegal (handicraft), bought from a street vendor in Malta, June 2012.

Bread box cat
Sundial Cat

Kat-a-log Feline no.2
Casting a shadow/Going green Cat –
country of origin UK, bought in Bolton in a charity shop for 5£ in may 2010. Dated back to late 70s/early 80s.

Casting a shadow cat
Going green cat

Kat-a-log Feline no.3
Cat of Alexandria/ Shadow of a cat – bought in Egypt, outside of old Alexandria Library site from a street vendor, August 2012.

Shadow of a cat
Cat of Alexandria

Kat-a-log Feline no.4
Cat in a pod – handmade in Malta, bought during a village fest in July 2012

Cat in a pot

Kat-a-log Feline no.5
Hunting in a garden –
Country of origin: Sweden, present from a business trip from a friend, sometime in 2009

Hunting in the garden

Kat-a-log Feline no.6
Cat On a hot stone roof  – country of origin: Spain. Handmade from metal scraps in a arts and crafts village in Sevilla.  July 2012

Cat on a hot stone roof

This is an ongoing project, next set of pictures will be  photographed soon.
Every cat has a soul, even a figurine! I hope that nobody will ever question that obvious truth again!


Rita, Mal and Olympia Dabrowicz

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