Notte Bianca Retrospective # 12: Virgo

Hi there everybody!

Here we are again…It feels so strange to write the last of the Notte Bianca retrospective entries. After a dozen posts written during the last month, we certainly got used to do it. Of course, the end of the guestbook reports does not mean we are done with the White Night 2011 coverage – we still have few aces up our sleeve! The Beautiful Virgo has been saved for the last. We received so many heart-warming comments in this guestbook that we hardly can refrain ourselves from just posting them for you to see. Before we are going to do that, we need to realize how stereotypically Virgo people are seen in our societies.

Virgo logo prepared for Notte Bianca, made by Rita and scanned by Mal

The sign also known as Venus, rules the skies between 23rd of August and 23rd of September. People born under the spell of the beauty goddess Aphrodite (or Venus in Roman tradition) are said to be very practical, sensible and dutiful. Their reason for existence is to serve others. They usually find employment as nurses, doctors, lawyers, teachers, social workers and educators. They work for pro publico bono or for the greater good and are very happy if they can do it. Virgos are extremely patient with others; they can explain and teach for hours and still maintain their enthusiasm and passion. They are eloquent, refined and they always look good – thanks to their natural charm and inner beauty they possess. Virgos are very sensitive but can be jealous and introverted. They do not forgive easily; it will take them few weeks to stop feeling hurt or offended. Virgins are irreplaceable in the work environment – their dedication and eye for details are every manager’s dream. They come to work first and go out just shortly the doorman closes the office for the night. In private, they are bursting with energy and eager to learn – a bored or passive Virgo is yet to be seen. If they choose not to work, they will read, go to exhibitions, cinema, sign up for voluntary services, help out in their church or any organization closest to their beliefs.  They treat their friends like family members and will spoil them rotten. They are also easy going and very funny. Virgos are said to be blessed with a true gift – they can make everybody laugh.

Virgo background leaflet, written by Rita and scanned by Malicia

Our Virgo visitors, and those who have left comments in this guestbook, are only partially agreeing with the typical representation of their sign given in horoscopes. Please take a look at the first entry given by Marusha. She prepared a long list of traits she considers the most valid for her and others of her kind:
“-    Angelic,
– sensitive,
– poetic,
– radiant,
– resilient,
– wise,
–  pure,
– strong,
– intelligent,
– beautiful,
– caring,
– lovable.

Virgo guestbook page scanned by Malicia

Our next visitor Katarina shares the page with anonymous writer. They both added several new traits to the list started by Marusha. Katarina wrote: “Sensitive, happy, smiling with the eyes”. The second author mentioned: “talkative, crazy, laughing, take decision very fast without thinking sometimes, taking care of others, impulsive”.

Virgo guestbook page scanned by Malicia


Third comment has been contributed by an anonymous person. It further adds to the list of traits characteristic to Virgins: “Sensitive (please note that it appears in every comment so far!), demanding, perfectionists, often forget their promise, good friends, but suffer from a millions of doubts”.

Virgo guestbook page scanned by Malicia

Weronika paid us a visit on the 1st of October exactly at 7:45 pm. Like others, she continued adding to the growing list of Virgin traits. She was the fourth person to think Virgos were sensitive, but she also considered them to be: “outreaching, (having) a happy smile and radiant”. Weronika was not able to find Virgo picture and mistakenly assumed that: “the pictures on this exhibit do not show Virgo”. Virgo was displayed at the Notte Bianca, the artwork can be seen here:

Virgo guestbook page scanned by Malicia

Another comment was left by yet another, anonymous contributor. Judging by the tone of it¸ we are pretty sure that its author was a woman. The entry reads: “Caring for others more than herself, shy but still outgoing, tells the truth, people can rely on her, feminine and loveable”. Virgos are known to be stunning and extremely beautiful. Foxy Brown and Brooke Burke are just two good examples.

Virgo guestbook page scanned by Malicia

The person who wrote our next entry could be more specific. The comment says: “A TOTAL MESS!!!” in capitals.  Does he or she mean the Virgos? Herself/Himself? Politics? Internet?
A whole wide world? Don’t ask us, we have no clue…

Virgo guestbook page scanned by Malicia

With the next page, we are back to the list of Virgo traits started by Marusha. The author is anonymous but new traits are being added. They are: “Feminine but in a subtle way – not too girly, friendly and bubbly and loud and funny – but only with close friends. Shy with people of authority and strangers. Enjoys learning and any form of education. Loves science but has a faith in God”.

Virgo guestbook page scanned by Malicia

Paulina signed the guestbook leaving only a short comment but it also adds to our growing list. She thought that Virgos are:
“-    Sensitive
– Friendly
– Funny
– Laughing”
Jack Black, one of the most popular American actors is a Virgo known far and wide for having a great sense of humor. His colleague, Cameron Diaz (born on 30th of August) made a prosperous carrier by appearing in comedies and putting to use her natural comedic talent.

Virgo guestbook page scanned by Malicia

Another page and another anonymous post. As in Paulina’s case, the entry is also short but to the point. According to its author Virgos are: “Intellectually gifted and very kind persons : D ”. John Dalton, English chemist, meteorologist and physicist was the first scientist who noticed and researched the color blindness in humans. It is now is referred to as Daltonism in his honor.

Virgo guestbook page scanned by Malicia

Neville, an 11 year old boy, is probably the youngest person who signed our guestbooks! He wrote: “Friendly and independent persons”. We think that Neville must be a Virgo himself. Good job Neville, thank you so much for your comment!

Virgo guestbook page scanned by Malicia

Catherine is the author of the next comment, also in the form of a list. She mentions several characteristics for a Virgo. Her picks are:
“-   Calm
– Sensitive
– Romantic
– I panic
– Lovable
– Sweet
– Charming”.
She also modestly (and jokingly) added: “Well, I am amazing to hang out with! : D”. Catherine as a typical Venus person is both: teasingly and sweet at the same time!

Virgo guestbook page scanned by Malicia

The last entry was written by Vicky. After reading carefully the previous comments, apparently she wasn’t sure what else could be said or added. She playfully chose to sum everything with one single sentence. According to her Virgos are: “All of the above!”. We have no further questions, your honor! : )

Virgo guestbook page scanned by Malicia

Wow! What a ride it has been! 12 zodiac signs, two photographic projects, 13 guestbooks in general, exactly 134 pages of comments, thousands of visitors! How good can it get?
But we are not done yet! Please come back soon! We have lots of pictures to show you an one unique reference letter!

Till the next time!

Rita and Malicia Dabrowicz

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