Notte Bianca Retrospective # 11: Taurus


It’s very, very hard to believe but slowly, we are approaching the end of our star journey. It feels only like yesterday, when we started scanning the pages of 12 guestbooks and reading the comments left by our visitors. Only two signs are left now and this blog will be dedicated to the most vital and brave sign of the Zodiac. Taurus, also known as the heavenly Bull, rules the skies between 20th of April and the 21st of May.

Taurus logo prepared for Notte Bianca, made by Rita and scanned by Malicia


The Bull is the symbol of great strength, hard work and humility in many cultures. It has been the sacred animal to gods and goddesses in nearly every ancient civilization and one of the first animals domesticated by humans. In ancient history, The Age of Taurus marks historical period between 4525 BC to circa 1875 BC and is associated with the kingdoms of Egypt, Assyria and Crete. It is the age of important discoveries: metals such as copper and bronze were smelted for the first time; the production of papyrus was discovered allowing men to create scrolls, also the primitive plowing machines were constructed turning entire wastelands into farms and fields. Astrological Tauruses are considered to be solid workers, independent thinkers, slow in making decisions but constant and determined to bring their projects to the very end. They are nature lovers, great friends and animal carers. They can be stubborn and rarely change their minds, but they will admit to making mistakes if they are presented with solid facts. Bull folks are also party goers, sensitive and artistic, but one needs to know them really well to notice it. Do you think it is true? Let’s look a closer look and find out ourselves!


Taurus background leaflet, written by Rita and scanned by Malicia

The first page introduces us to two comments, both signed with signatures that are unable to be read. The first note, left on the 7th of October, reads: “Strong-willing, brave, patient and practical. I’m lucky to have this sign of Taurus (as my own sign)”. Second entry is much shorter. It is an approval for the first author’s words. It says: “Very good information about Taurus”.

Taurus guestbook page scanned by Malicia

There are 3 comments (all anonymous) on the second page. Let’s start with the middle one – the longest of them all. The note says: “Stubborn, successful in anything I decide to do. Following dreams, enthusiastic”. The top comment was written in French. “Moi aussi” can be translated as “Me too”.  We are not sure if the second author is agreeing with the previous statement or is a Taurus by birth – but probably both. The third person probably wrote on behalf of all Tauruses in the world by saying: “We are responsible. We care the most. Where there is a will, there is a way”. The comment was decorated with a smiling symbol of the Bull. 

Taurus guestbook page scanned by Malicia

The next comment we have received, belongs to the category of the unrelated ones to the main subject of the entire exhibition. It is also very short. An anonymous visitor has scribed: “I am happy”. You are happy, we are happy, let’s have a group hug!

Taurus guestbook page scanned by Malicia

Two visitors from Spain: Marisol and Soledad Alba left us beautiful comments. Soledad has written on behalf of both of them as she was born under the sign of the Bull: “I am a Taurus and we came to Malta for holidays. We visited the Notte Bianca exhibition, beaches and museums – everything is so wonderful here, especially the views of the sea from the hills. Greetings and respect from a girl from Madrid, Soledad Alba”. The rest of the comment was dictated by Marisol: “The horoscope for Taurus say that they are deep-thinkers and very stubborn people. They can be truly sensitive, and tend to worry too much. But Taurus people are real sweethearts and can go along with people very well. Love, Marisol”. Thank you Dave for helping with the translation! The bottom of the page has been used by Maltese visitor to post his thoughts. E. Attard wrote: “Glad to be home on Maltese Islands!”

Taurus guestbook page scanned by Malicia

We have a sneaky suspicion that the next three pages have been reserved by one person – sadly he or she prefers to remain anonymous. On the first page we find a picture of a mouse. On second a very short comment saying: “Stubborn, cat lover, hard-worker”. The last page has been decorated with wonderfully delightful drawings of several cats and small cute hearts.
Awwww, you Taurus folks! You are real charmers!

Taurus guestbook page scanned by Malicia, page 1 of the comment with a drawing of a single poor mouse : )


Taurus guestbook page scanned by Malicia, the middle page of the comment mentioning the love for cats


Taurus guestbook page scanned by Malicia, the page 3 with drawings of 5 cute cats

Another comment left in the guestbook comes from Fin Spanier. It is another great example of a splendid sense of humor that Bulls also posses. Fin wrote: “We are stubborn, sensitive, caring and quite often very handsome! Thanks for a wonderful exhibition”. The pleasure’s ours, Fin!  Come back next year!


Taurus guestbook page scanned by Malicia

Two entries on the next page are anonymous and very short. The first one seems to be left by a Taurus. It says: “Usually stubborn. Not in my case. Calm”. The second one has been written by a person, who apparently, is not a Bull. The note mentions: “They love quality, order and nature”. If it comes to quality then David Beckham, Penélope Cruz, Bono, Megan Fox and Jessica Alba represent the best quality in sport, music, acting and modeling.

Taurus guestbook page scanned by Malicia

Completely different view on Taurus’ serenity is offered, however, by our next, anonymous visitor. The person listed these traits as the most important in Taurisian folks:
“-     Deceptively calm,
– Methodical
– Organized
– Considerate towards others
– Enjoys company of friends
– Reliable, honest and trustworthy”


Taurus guestbook page scanned by Malicia

Tad visited “The Astral Room” on the opening night and expressed his opinion with capital letters, proving that his words need to be taken seriously : ) He composed a list of his own emphasizing such characteristics as:
“-    Lovely
– To the point
– Intelligent
– Smart
– Stubborn”

Taurus guestbook page scanned by Malicia

As they say, save the best for the last. Bulls are known to be frank and they limit conversations to the minimum. The last, anonymous, contribution here is no exception. It says: “Stubborn. Won’t keep offences”. In our opinion this is one of the most important traits to have in life. It is very easy to take an offence. Sometimes it is impossible to let go. Good job Tauruses!

Taurus guestbook page scanned by Malicia

To our surprise, Taurus proved to be one of the most popular sign according to our visitors.
We understand why: they are very stable, loyal companions and dear friends. They can be stubborn, but not in the negative way. When they realize they have made a mistake, they will honestly admit it and then work hard to fix the damages. Bulls are reliable; they rarely change their minds and seldom fail. It’s so good to be a Taurus!

The last sign on our list is the beautiful Virgo!
Be sure to check our blog soon!

Rita and Mal

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