Notte Bianca Retrospective # 14: Numbers, Links and References

Hello all!

After uploading all guestbooks and analyzing hundred of scanned pages, we have moved to finally summarizing the whole event. We decided to split it into two parts. Our next blog will be dedicated entirely to pictures we took during the exhibition, but we are going to start with the numbers, links and references regarding the Astral Room collective project.

Cover of the Notte Bianca 2011 official guide scanned by Malicia

NUMBERS: Nobody knows how many people attended the Notte Bianca 2011 on Malta. It was the sixth edition of the event organized in the capital city ofValletta and every year the number of participants is growing rapidly. The estimated number for this year is between 100 000 to 150 000 people. Some sources mentioned even more. We think this might be a little exaggeration, but you never know! A very flattering rumor for the organizers none the less! Many of the visitors were foreigners, visitingMalta on holidays, business trips or permanent citizens living on theIsland. The visitors came from Europe (mostly Spanish and Italians), the rest hailed from Asia, Africa, Northern America (US and Canada) and Australia. There were more than 500 artists exhibiting or performing, nearly 30 concerts (including three massive ones open for everyone as the admittance was free), and dance shows. Arriva bus service sold 30 000 bus tickets between 11 pm and 3 am and added a special service line travelling to the city center ofValletta due to popular demand. Several hundred volunteers and police officers worked hard in 75 locations all over the city. Nearly 20 events lasted longer than just one night: some carried on in the first days of October but some lasted for several weeks. The last event was officially closed in mid November. Our exhibition ran between the 1st and 15th of October. It was visited by nearly 1000 people during its duration.

Special bus ticket issued for Notte Bianca that costed 2.5 Euro. Scanned by Malicia and kept as a memorabilia : )

LINKS: As you probably know from our previous entries, The Notte Bianca has also been well promoted on the Internet. Along with the Notte Bianca Organization Committee (The Malta Council for Culture and the Arts) and Geman-Maltese Circle, we have launched an extensive information campaign to make sure that our exhibition was covered as well.

The main source of information was (and still is!) the official Notte Bianca 2011 website. “The Astral room” has been printed in all official materials including maps, booklets and guides. You can download them as PDF files (Acrobat Reader will be needed to open the files), check the latest news and visit the official store. Please make sure to come back to the website often as it is still being updated. The galley section will be open for visitors pretty soon!

Notte Bianca official website, screen by Rita

The website can be accessed here:

Martin Galled the Giovanni, one of the PHOS member and a wonderful photographer, created an official Facebook event for “The Astral Room”. We have invited all our friends to participate and we were surprised by the positive reaction! Word went out on the Maltese streets and more and more people knew about the exhibition. When the big day arrived, many familiar faces could be seen in the crowd of visitors. Work colleagues, drinking buddies (we joke of course!), friends and family members – it’s the power of the Social networking!

Astral Room official event page from FaceBook, screen by Rita

The event is still on Facebook. If you’d like to share your experience with us, please leave a comment! It can be found here:

Our gracious hosts, the German-Maltese Circle, have been promoting the exhibition as well. Not only they have placed our poster on their main website, they have also placed an advert in their newsletter that has been sent to hundreds of recipients! We could not ask for more! The newsletter can now also be found online. Please visit the following link to see the entire message:

German-Maltese Circle October 2011 newsletter, screen by Rita
The official poster for the exhibition made by Martin Gallea De Giovanni


 Not many people realize this, but preparations for Notte Bianca 2011 started in March. We needed eight months to be able to prepare everything: find the venue, discuss the exhibition details with the venue owners, take the pictures and draw the artworks, print the images on special foam, frame the canvases and ship them to Malta (in a secured package with art insurance – never forget about it if you are sending your works abroad!). We also needed to buy guestbooks, pens and other bits and ends to make the whole thing happen and run smoothly. The most important part was to prepare the funds and complete an application requested by Notte Bianca organizers. Our proposal was 18-page long and helped us to secure the place in theMessinaPalace. If you have never prepared one, here’s the link to PHOS Notte Bianca 2011 proposal:

Have fun and learn from the best! : D

Astral room proposal written by Martin, Malicia, Rita and Matt. Screen by Rita

Of course, we wouldn’t be ourselves, if we hadn’t checked where else the Notte Bianca (and “The Astral Room”) was mentioned on the Web. Google to the rescue and we came up with a bunch of links. If you have a minute to spare, please view them. They range from Newspaper reports (Times of Malta) to tourists information pages:—A-journey-through-the-stars-in-Art-and-Photography/195451987190913

REFERENCES: Every artist likes to be admired. We are vain creatures (we truly think all songs are about us!) and we starve for the public attention. There is no better way to feed our egos than to receive a reference letter saying we are special and unique : ) If you exhibit your works, you can ask the gallery to issue you a reference letter – they come handy when you want to keep track of your artistic career or if you want to secure a popular venue. We have learnt that reference letters can open many doors; sadly they are not easily given to young artists. We were lucky that The German-Maltese Circle issued a reference letter to the four of us. They have been signed by the General Secretary of the circle, Mr. Victor H. Sammut. We are incredibly humbled and grateful for the kindness! Thank you very much!

Reference letter issued to PHOS members by German-Maltese circle. Scanned by Malicia

All right! Numbers given, links placed and references uploaded! Please return soon as the pictures of the event are simply breath taking!

 See ya soon

Xxxxx Rita and Malicia on behalf of entire PHOS.

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