Notte Bianca Retrospective # 2: Aries



Our exhibition entitled “The Astral Room” organized for Notte Bianca was opened from October 1st to October 14th 2011 in Valetta, Malta. During the two weeks, the exhibition has been seen by many people from all over the world. Mal prepared 12 guestbooks, one for every Zodiac sign. The visitors recorded in them their comments, views, personal stories and opinions about themselves and the surrounding world.

Aries logo prepared for Notte Bianca, made by Rita and scanned by Mal

We had so much fun yesterday analyzing the guestbook for Aquarius. Today, we will take a look at the Ram, or Aries as it is better known. People born under this sign are said to be reliable, strong, open minded but also stubborn and ready to fight. Let’s take a closer look at what the true Aries are like!

Aries description written by Rita and scanned by Mal

The first comment left by an anonymous visitor is very short. It says “Fiercely loyal, caring and genuine”. A similar description was used in the 1940 to describe the jazz legend Billie Holiday while she performed on stage in New York.  Several others divas were also born as Aries: Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Diana Ross, Chaka Khan and the pop sensation Lady Gaga.

Aries guestbook page scanned by Mal

The second page of the guest book was shared by two different authors. The first one, also anonymous, wrote: “Hello! I’m Aries and proud : D ”. The second comment came from a man named Rudolf. With typical Arian sarcastic sense of humor, Rudolf stated: “Hello! I’m Aries and realist, so I don’t believe in the stars and in any gods”. Too bad Rudolf! Joseph Ratzinger aka Pope Benedict XVI is also an Aries and a very religious man!

Aries guestbook page scanned by Mal

Third page and two separate authors again – this time both of them are anonymous, but one signed his or her comment with a unique check signature. The first comment reads: “Strong headed, generous, passionate and impulsive!”. The other adds to the list: “Caring, good-natured, impulsive, worry sometimes, strong-willed and fierce at times!”.  The great statesman and United States president, Thomas Jefferson, the principal writer of The Declaration of Independence, was known to be strong-willed, fierce yet caring and generous at the same time. A true Aries!

Aries guestbook page scanned by Mal

The next entry, left by a person named Eli (we cannot determinate if it’s her or him) is the longest comment we have ever received. Eli starts with quoting a well chosen song “Tougher than the rest” by Bruce Springsteen and then gives us a long list of the best traits in Aries: “Strong, determined, independent, free spirited, proud, (a bit), self centered, crazy (yes…in a good way :P), interesting, adventurous, witty & foxy. Anyway, the list can go on forever. But I will say one thing. Although we Aries-es may act tough, independent (which we are), we really like people who need us after all”. Eli then ends with: “We are hard-core people with soft hearts!”. We don’t know if Eli is aware that one of Bruce Springsteen’s closest friends and collaborators, Max Weinberg, the drummer for The E-street Band, was born on April 13th. That makes him an Aries too!

Aries guestbook page scanned by Mal

Pauline Spiteri from Malta came up with much shorter list than Eli. She wrote: “Strong, happy, smiley, sexy, loving person, sometimes very quiet. I am a gift from God”. Two other Aries also known under the nickname of “the gift of God” were the famous French philosopher Rene Descartes and Italian genius Leonardo Da Vinci.

Aries guestbook page scanned by Mal

Charles and Ken, our next visitors, shared the page and two personal tales. Ken posted a response to Pauline’s entry with: “A gift from God huh? Not really sure about that, but still I’m flattered! About the Ram sign: passionate, determined, stubborn (and) not much of an altruist. Not very lucky sign yet intriguing and it’s interesting to belong to this fire sign”.  Charles wrote: “I’m quite determined, always looking for challenging adventures. Very supportive of other people’s needs. Yes, I’m Aries”.

Aries guestbook page scanned by Mal

Like Kevin and Charles, Léonie (born on 30th of March 1979) shared rather personal outlook on being Aries: “Stubborn, determined, selfish to an extent, generous when I see something that moves me (for example) pain loneliness, sadness, poverty. I become emotional then and help others to extend that I suffer. I also do a lot of animals in need as I love them so much. I love art, beauty, Antiquity and antique, rich lifestyles (for example of nobility). I love deep colors but also pastels. I can be everything and feel differently in short matter of time. I am easily angered and find it hard not to show it. I go red and my eyes turn fierce. I love gemstones, especially rubies”. Léonie would be delighted to know that the “official” colors for Aries are deep red, carmine and purple, and the gemstones: ruby and coral! The Aristocrat Aries include King Henry IV, Otto Eduard Leopold von Bismarck and is Cayetana Fitz-James Stuart – the 19th Duchess of Alba.

Aries guestbook page scanned by Mal

The last page has been shared by three different authors. The first, anonymous comment reads: “Strong, passionate yet unsure. Intelligent with a desire to explore, to learn more about herself + others – both people and background/cultures. Always to try new things, only the forbidden fruit lies outside of her grasp”. Another author added: “Self-centered and stubborn, can be generous, bit unpredictable, still a gift from Gods!” And the last person perfectly sums it up with: “Strong person. Never giving up”. True, no need to give up if you share your zodiac sign with Jackie Chan and Steven Segal!

Aries guestbook page scanned by Mal

All right! That’s all dear Aries. You are stubborn, yet passionate, self-centered yet generous, strong and looking for new, exciting adventures.

Our next victim will be Cancer, so stay tuned!
Rita and Mal

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