Notte Bianca Retrospective # 3: Cancer

Hello all!

We are slowly going through the scanned pages from all guestbook and we cannot believe how much work you have put into your entries! It is heart warming to read all your stories, comments and personal insights. We are truly proud and grateful at the same time!

Cancer logo prepared for Notte Bianca, made by Rita and scanned by Mal

The third guestbook that we would like to show you is the book of Cancer. The witty, self-reliant crab is respected for its strong character and powerful yet a bit cutting sense of humor! Cancer is the only Zodiac sign ruled by the Moon. Are Cancers unique then? Let’s find out!

Cancer background leaflet written by Rita and scanned by Malicia

The first comment about Cancer comes from Sidonia born on 10th of July 1977: “I like to be Cancer. Calm, creative, interested in arts. Family is important for me”. Cancers are said to go to great lengths for their family members. Nelson Mandela, the first democratically elected South African president, spent 27 years in jail imprisoned for his was an anti-apartheid activism. Unable to see his children and wife, he kept writing letters to them even if they could not read this. After his release, the letters and diaries have been given to his children.

Cancer guestbook page scanned by Mal

Second page of the guestbook has been shared by two authors – sadly they did not leave their signatures. The first, we are guessing is a woman, wrote:
“My Cancer Men,
Loves: Music – The Beatles
            1967 – Best year
            Family Life
            Ten Pin Bowling  
Likes Indian Dishes

The second one jokingly admitted: “Don’t like waters! Am I really the Cancerian?!”

Cancer guestbook page scanned by Mal

Another person is definitely not a Cancer, but he decided to share this with us: “Many of my friends are Cancers. I can’t say they are gifted or talented but kind hearted and good friends”. We dare to say that the biggest talent a person can possess is to be a good friend! Good friends are rare and should be treasured. If anyone is looking for a friend, please take a good look at Cancers!

Cancer guestbook page scanned by Mal

Other visitor named Joe posted a short list of 5 Cancer traits. They are: “Nervous, helpful, loveable, sensitive, and amazing”. Amazing is the right word to describe such Cancerians as Robin Williams, Raymond Chandler, Tom Hanks or Pablo Neruda. Good job, Joe!

Cancer guestbook page scanned by Mal

It’s a great shame that many people sign their entries using only their unreadable signatures. Next person who left his or her comment is no exception. It reads: “Open minded, helpful, nervous at times”. As we cannot recognize the signature, we are unable to say if this statement comes from a lady or gentleman. But we agree wholeheartedly with it none the less! Both, the guitar legend Carlos Santana and American alternative music veteran Beck, are admitting to still being nervous before concerts. What’s more, they also insist that the key to their success is to be open-minded!

Cancer guestbook page scanned by Mal

Surprisingly, according to out two next guests (also anonymous) Cancers are not nervous at all! The first comment contradicts the previous entry saying: “Calm, Kind, Generous”. Second person adds: “Love people, good at many things, sometimes lucky, many times not!!”. Some Cancers seem to be incredible lucky. Esther “Eppie” Lederer (original “Ann Lauders” now known as “Dear Margo”) and her identical twin sister Pauline Phillips (original “Dear Abby”) managed to run their advice-giving empires for more than 60 years! Both columns are now being run by their daughters!

Cancer guestbook page scanned by Mal

Klaudia, another “Notte Bianca” guest and contributor to this guestbook, left a cute, comical drawing of herself! She wrote: “Me (arrow pointing) Sensitive, Life Observer, like odd, different (things)”. Good news Klaudia! You are not alone! The (in)famous singer turned actress Courtney Love is known to be a fan of everything that’s odd!

Cancer guestbook page scanned by Mal

Even more humor can be found in Matt’s comment on another page. Matt wrote: “I hate leaving the house. I prefer to stay home and eat mozzarella sticks”.  The entry is accompanied by as described by the author “bad drawing of a crab”. We love the drawing but we are puzzled why somebody else drawn a cat and a heart at the bottom of the page? Maybe to suggest that cats like not only fish but seafood in general? Who knows?

Cancer guestbook page scanned by Mal

In contrast to Matt’s post, Amélie from Belgium is serious: “Cancer people are very sensitive and emotional. Always ready to help others. Cancers are the best of course!”. Amélie is right as one Cancer widely regarded as the symbol of peace and sympathy to others is Dalai Lama – Tibetan Buddhist religious leader.

Cancer guestbook page scanned by Mal

The last comment about Cancers came from Damien. He wrote:
“Cancer means –

Cancer guestbook page scanned by Mal

An excellent summary from Damien!
Cancers proved to be loyal, funny and very caring Cancers. We know fist hand how it is to live with one as our father is Cancer. Bit unpredictable but good hearted folks.

Please come back tomorrow, especially if you are a Capricorn!
Good night,

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