Notte Bianca Retrospective # 1: Aquarius

   Hello everybody!

Aquarius logo prepared for Notte Bianca, made by Rita and scanned by Mal

Can you believe that it’s been almost a month since the Notte Bianca and two weeks since our exhibition „ASTRAL ROOM” ended? Time is not moving fast, it is literally speeding like a car on the freeway! We are working hectically again, having more ideas than ever! But before we move to other exciting projects, we need to take a look at what is left after the white night madness. And there is plenty: pictures, memories, contacts, new friendships, connections, guest books…

A short note about Aquarius written by Rita and scanned by Mal

Yes, as you remember, we had 12 guest books at the exhibition. One for each sign. People have left us wonderful comments and opinions and we decided they are too good not to share. So starting with Aquarius, we will show you the scanned pages from the guestbook. Let’s see what you think about signs, aside from mythology and artworks!

The first comment about Aquarius from the guestbook was left by R.K fromPoland. It reads: “Open minded visionaries who see more than others. Sometimes too visionary for the real life”. Very true as Galileo, Charles Darwin and Thomas Edison were both born under this sign!

Aquarius guestbook page scanned by Mal

Another visitor named Maria has left a lengthy comment describing her personal journey saying: “It’s my first time I left my home for a long time and I think that (this) is a good experience for me because Malta is very nice and the place is beautiful! I like it. Thanks Malta! Thanks Notte Bianca!”. Maria hasn’t specified if she is Aquarius herself but they are said to be curious, adventurous and they enjoy travelling. Ernest Shackleton an Antarctic Explorer and Henry Morton Stanley, A Welsh adventurer are the best examples!

Aquarius guestbook page scanned by Mal

The third comment entitled “The Life of an Aquarian” was left anonymously. It gives a long list of character traits typical for Aquarius: “Creative, outgoing, interesting, intelligent, happy, adapts to all situations, romantic, likes culture, people, music, perfectionist, like to make nice clothes, loves life, honest, don’t like to imitate what others do. This is me!”. In short Aquarius is an artist, singer, actor, fashion designer. You need proof? Alice Cooper, Alicia Keys, Justin Timberlake, Bob Marley, Bridget Fonda, Christian Dior and many others could say the same. This is me!

Aquarius guestbook page scanned by Mal

Aquarius can also be psychological and philosophical: “Aquarius are the most interesting of all people, because they do not follow the old path but look for and create the new ways”. Alfred Adler, Austrian psychologist was the first one to define the psychology as we know today. His interest was not with the society but with the individual. Along with Sigmund Freud he became the co-founder of the psychoanalytic movement and was a core member of the Vienna Psychoanalytic Society.

Aquarius guestbook page scanned by Mal

Certain Aquarian characteristics were repeated in another entry: “Perfectionist, Easy to Adapt, Outgoing, Honest, Open minded”- the virtues desired in diplomacy and politics. It’s nothing shocking that the most famous politicians were born under this sign: Boris Yeltsin, Ronald Regan, Dick Cheney or Franklin D Roosevelt among others.

Aquarius guestbook page scanned by Mal

Despite the majority of entries being written in English, we have also received several in the native languages of the visitors. Two separate people have left their comments on the same page placed below. The first one reads: “Freedom lovers, artists or love arts”. The second is written in Italian and was left by Frank Camilleri.

Aquarius guestbook page scanned by Mal

It seems, it is not that easy to sum up Aquarius with one single word. Another person has left again a long list of the Aquarian traits: “Creative, needy, intelligent, fun, witty, friendly, artistic, interesting, sarcastic, funny, easily influenced, excited, lazy yet energetic?”.  Aquarians love to laugh and they will do it even if they have to make fun out of themselves. Benny Hill, one of the most famous English comedians was – no surprise here – an Aquarius.

Aquarius guestbook page scanned by Mal

The following entry is Rita’s favorite. The signature is hard to decipher, but the author put a lot of effort into drawing this funny caricature around his comment. He wrote: “Painting, designer. Trying to understand every thing people believes (in) and religions. Creative, (it’s) not easy to understand me”.

Aquarius guestbook page scanned by Mal

Another two comments portray Aquarius in a bit different light. The first mentions: “Creative, fighter, intelligent, always in search of something hidden, changeable person, never the same”. The other author added: “Dreamers, disillusioned, naïve, deep thinkers and Manchester United fans”. Indeed, Cristiano Ronaldo a former Manchester United player was born on February the 5th and that makes him an Aquarius as well!

Aquarius guestbook page scanned by Mal

Wow, this was quite a ride, we must admit! We have learnt so much about you Aquarians!

Thanks to all who contributed to our little “research” – thank you for your thoughts, comments and sharing with us who you truly are.
That’s all for today. Next sign is the mighty Aries!

Till then,

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