24 hours before the event

Its… 24 hours to go.

Photo by Mal

So the last day before the big night has arrived. It’s easy to see: Rita is making updates at her Deviant Art website revealing new pieces for the night while Malicia runs around like a headless chicken thinking that she had forgotten something.

We have been silent for a while but extremely busy with preparations.

Photo by Mal

For instance all receipts are now collected and in order. It is very important when having a project with the budget. Basically every purchase has to be described and documented. May sound like a boring stuff but this morning Malicia discovered that she had one receipt missing and did Lara Croft all over the flat, with success.

Photo by Mal

We have also established which artworks will make it to the night and how they will be set up. The Ditch 1 (on Old Theater Street) will host hand made masks and Rita abstract works. While Ditch 2 (on Felix Street) will have Rita illustrations and Malicia`s photos.

Photo by Mal, paintings by Rita
Photo and prints by Mal

We are also gonna introduce a featured artist: Artur Michalak, who is young but very promising photographer.

Photographic prints by Artur Michalak

Another good point is that Rita decided to feature her illustrations that she did for Schlock Magazine.  You may remember that Schlock Magazine hosted our own “Monday Stories” for ten weeks this year (January- April) and Rita had contributed some illustrations as well. Those illustrations will be exhibited in Ditch 2.

Photo by Mal, illutrations by Rita

We would like to also mention that “ZEKZIK U WAHEDHOM”, our project with Pauleen Micalleff is a part of a larger initiative. It is called “Open your He`Art” and involves over 70 artists scattered all over Valletta for the night. Below you can see  the hand outs and booklets. Our photos and paintings were given a prominent exposure and are illutrating the article about the initiative. We couldn’t be more proud.

Photo by Mal
Photo by Mal
Photo by Mal
Photo by Mal
Photo by Mal
photo by Mal

We will be in touch today. So please watch this space.

Hugs and kisses

Mal and Rita

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