Shop till you drop

Good (and very early) morning to you, folks.


Photo by Mal

It’s a week left to Notte Bianca and we are very busy. One room had been turned into storage of all possible items: guest books, materials, artworks, paper ribbons, ropes, paper cuttings, pot pourri…yes you have read it correctly.

Photo by Mal

We have decided to create something very unique. The streets and the floors of the ditches will be covered with dry and scented flowers. They are in at least 6 colors, mixed in two bags and will create not only interesting patterns but also sounds. Just imagine yourselves stepping on the flowers that make “pop” under your feet.

Photo by Mal

Then we have over 30 meters of paper ribbons in 5 different colors and some material ribbons that will be put on the fence. Yes it will be kind of like making an installation. We want to go for environment that will match our art which is vibrant and abstract.

Photo by Mal

Now we want to draw your attention to our guest books. We have two lovely books with cat patterns on the cover and some lovely cartoons inside. If you haven’t been introduced yet, this is Sammi, Mal`s cat. She is very curious and loves to inspect things. We thought it would be appropriate to put her into the guest books. Cartoons are done by Marco Attard.

Photo by Mal
cartoon by Marco Attard, photo by Mal, model Sammi

And since we speak about Sammi, here she is checking on a roll of plastic. This will be cut into pieces to make “raincoats” for the paintings in case of rain. What you are seeing is 10 meters of transparent 5 mm plastic ready to be used.

Photo by Mal

We have saved the best for last. We have got 50 meters of fabric to be used as a background for the artworks. Now what you see on the photos are two stacks of green and lilac fabric, as they were delivered from the shop. We are gonna cut those piles into nice straps and hang it by using this roll of nylon-silk purple rope. It is the same one we used back in June for Earth Garden, only in bigger quantities.

Photo by Mal
Photo by Mal

So basically we have got it all and right now, the last stage of the preparations begins. Getting creative!

So watch this space!

Mal and Rita

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