First update after Notte Bianca

First update after Notte Bianca.

Photo by Mal

We had to give ourselves few days off after the event, before we would post final notes. First of all – we had to sleep it off. After 16 hour on our feet, we have been sleeping like house cats in winter. We came to Valletta at 10:00 am and left at 3:00 am. In between we have settled up the exhibition, promoted it and entertained around 700 guests that had passed through out spot.

As you know due to the weather (and other conditions) we had to change the location. We were re-located to the inside of the Old Market in Valletta and took over the 2nd floor. By doing this, we have accomplished something that haven’t been done before. We have found a new exhibition spot in the capital. Checking new grounds- that what we like.

During the night we have taken tons of photos, so please give us additional few days to run through them and edit the raw files.

But let us tell you how the last hours before the Day Zero and early morning of 25th of September looked like. Cause it was one big adventure.

The evening of 24th of September was spent on closing all the lose ends in preparations. We have cut the fabric (try to run though 50 meters of fabric in two colours and cut it in equal parts, not easy!), made hooks on which the paintings would hang and prepared the poster. Letters were first drawn on the paper, coloured with luminous acrylics, then cut off and glued onto a new sheet.

Photo by Mal
Photo by Mal
Photo by Mal

Then everything had been packed in the boxes (we are proud to report that nothing had been cracking while packing) and bags. Fabric had been covered in additional black wrap to avoid getting wet. It’s been raining heavily all the night before the Notte Bianca.

Photo by Mal

In the morning, all the boxes were taken outside and awaited transport. While moving, a bottle of red wine (we have prepared 4 bottles of wine for the first guests) had unfortunately crashed and made a mess just outside the flat. Rita jokingly mentioned that it was an offering to the gods for the good weather, and we think she was kind of right. It wasn’t raining and the event proved to be a success, so perhaps we had a Pan or Dionysus on our side.  😉

Photo by Mal

All the works were transported on a truck driven by Pauleen`s neighbour Mario. He proved to be careful and experienced driver. He not only managed to deliver all works without a scratch (and took them back afterwards as well), but stormed his way into Valletta centre that was occupied by morning market. For the sake of the records, we place a photo of Pauleen and Mario in the truck, moments before hitting the road.

Photo by Mal

What we found later is another story.

We will update you soon.



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