Action, lights, candles!



Photo by Mal

So many things have happened that we don’t know where to begin.

The official name for the project is “ZEKZIK U WAHEDHOM”, gossips and loneliness. The market was once the heart of the city of Valletta, but most of the merchants moved in the 80`s outside of the capitol and only few meat makers remain. The whole area used to be very lively and people would meet up to chat and gossip. Now it is pretty much left alone and falling to pieces. We want to re-habilitate the place and bring people back.

We started to gather all needed materials. We have now 80 covered candles (they are actually called “day burners”) in two colors: red and yellow.  Decorative papers, wires and ropes are also bought. We will try to make some additional decorations out of the paper. Double-sided gold and silver musical notes and small stars anybody?  

Photo by Mal
Photo by Mal

We had a meeting about the lights. Pauleen Micallef is having her works spread all over the place: the corner of Old Theatre Street and two more pieces in Felix Street. She had decided to move one of her spots closer to the middle of the street as the place she chose before will be too close to the main crowd on Merchant Street. She also will be now exhibiting Jazz paintings. They will be placed on the balustrade of the Ditch 2 right next to the entrance. So she will need at least three separate lights.

Photo by Mal

Mal and Rita will have two spot lights (known also as ‘Hollywood Lights”) per ditch. We went to the site after dark last night to see how we would place the lights and putting them at the each side of the ditch will be just perfect. Both streets offer working street lamps. That gives us wonderful yellow/orange glow. With the candles and spotlights, we will have enough of light for the artworks to be fully appreciated.

You can see the streets after dark:


 Old Theater Street 

Photo by Mal
Photo by Mal

And Felix Street


Photo by Mal
Photo by Mal

We will be updating you shortly.

Caw caw,

Mal and Rita

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