Art inspired by music



We have been thinking about making this post for a while. Art and music had always been our passion and we love to combine them. Our pieces are often named after particular song or are inspired by certain video or artist. Or all at once. We tend to have particular bias towards strong female figures that are both independent and creative. That sounds like …us.

 But jokes aside. Please find below three pieces that were created after listening to some really amazing artist that emerged on the scene in the past years. Two of them are created by Rita and one is a photo made by Mal. The artists in question are: Marina and the Diamonds, Florence + Machine and Diana Vickers.

You will find a video next to the image in case you haven’t had a pleasure to get to know the artists:

Marina and the Diamonds


painting by Rita

Florence + Machine


painting by Rita

Diana Vickers


Photo by Malicia

Hope you had fun.

If you want more of that format, let us know. We have got plenty of music inspired Art.



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