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Photo by Mal

We just wanted to update you on the Food Drive front. We have managed to collect over 30 different items. Two full boxes. We cannot thank enough to all the great people that contributed: Peter and his wife, Winnie and Grace, Marco for his help with carrying and logistics, Daniela for coming over to take the goods and spreading the word about the whole situation.

Photo by Mal

After our initial shopping (that was mentioned in our previous entry) Rita decided to get more items on her own. You can’t beat her intuition. She knew that other people will concentrate on the canned food and items that adults can use, so she added two more packs of nappies to what we have already gathered. When Daniela was coming to pick up the items she told us that not many people got nappies. So if you are still thinking to pool in, please get the baby food and nappies. They are still needed and you will be able to help in a serious matter.

Photo by Mal

You may also look at the food database prepared by Food Drive to see what else you can contribute:

Copyright Food Drive

The items were taken today at noon. There are other things in the pipeline, so we will be updating you folks. Please be coming back to the blog and don’t forget to also visit the webpage for Food Drive, for further announcements.!/event.php?eid=137750516253051

Photo by Mal

Best regards,

Mal & Rita

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