Raport I : The Set Up

Welcome again,


Orb by Rita, photo by Mal

Earth Garden is now over and we would like to present you with the effects of the project. It had been an amazing experience and we have so much to tell that it is not possible to do it in one post.

So we have decided to start off with explanation of the set up itself.

We arrived at Ta` Qali National Park at 9 30 am on Saturday June 5th. The workers were still setting up stages and even offered us a helping hand with the hanging.

Photo by Mal

As soon as we unpacked, we began to visualize how to place the paintings all over the tree as they were of various sizes. It is always handy to divide them in two groups (what goes in the front and in the back). That way we managed to create something of an open-air art gallery. We wanted to surround our guests with various works or art.

Photo by Mal

One of the main principles of the projects was to use as little materials as possible and to make sure that they could be recycled. So we went for ecological rope with silk, metal wire and ribbon leftovers.

Photo by Mal


The rope was not only made from recycled materials and was perfect for hanging heavy objects. It also came in a beautiful shade of purple so we had artistic quality and a bargain in one.

Photo by Mal
Photo by Mal

Metal wire was secured with a transparent tape to make sure the frames weren’t damaged and was used to support the paintings.

Photo by Mal

Ribbons covered what needed to remain hidden and were used as banners. After all who needs paper, when you have a black marker and a lot of creativity?

Photo by Mal
Photo by Mal
Photo by Mal

In the end we have created a beautiful site that combined man-made with natural forces. Our spot offered not only a place to enjoy art but also became an ultimate chill out zone in the festival grounds.

Photo by Mal

But about that we will tell you a bit later. Stay tuned.


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