Preparation complete


This is the last update before we launch our project tomorrow morning at Earth Garden in Ta`Qali in Malta.

For the past few weeks we were relating to it as “an agricultural” work. We have decided to combine the art of nature and the art of man. Therefore we want the general public to realize that we cannot just marvel at the man made and dismiss what is created by nature.

We truly believe that a new definition of art is required, something to truly reflect the rich heritage of human kind.

So from tomorrow, for two days, art will literary grow on trees. We are particularly proud of the fact that we used basic materials and that we kept ourselves to the minimum. We had to play MacGyver at times but this way art will be in first place. Some of the artworks were created using natural materials so that’s another link between the man and the nature.

We will be celebrating an artistic collaboration with Gaia.

Right now test-growing is positively finished and we are all set up. You can see some photos below:

Photo by Mal
Photo by Mal
Photo by Mal

We have also decided to gather some materials for upcoming projects while we are at Ta` Qali. You may know that we  published a series of short stories called Monday Stories at local Schlock Magazine.

Our main heroine Seline Monday is a DreamChampion – a person who is able to enter other people’s dreams. We created a new Seline short story especially for Earths Garden and we put in the guestbook. We will allow people to write the rest of it.

We are going to start re-publishing old Monday Stories on this blog later in Summer, longer entries, edited and with new covers. That will be (we like to call it) Season I. Season II will start in Autumn and will begin with the story from Ta Qali.

If you want to read the preview, please scroll down:

“The tree of art and dreams


I am very grateful that you have made to this place.


Let me introduce myself. My name is Seline. You can call me an unusual traveler or a DreamChampion. My purpose is to visit people’s dreams, both good and bad. Each night, when I close my eyes, I am transported to a different place and experience a different adventure. I used to enter dreams for a mere pleasure and curiosity, but not anymore.


I am chasing after someone, who calls himself An Architect.  He steals dreams that we have each night. His goal is to stop us from entering Dreamworld and keep all its treasures for himself. For what purpose, I don’t know.


I have made it this far, to this tree. But I am not sure where to go from here. This is where
I need your help. Each painting on this tree leads to a different dream. Please chose one, touch it, close your eyes and tell me what you see.


Record your thoughts. This will help me greatly. Perhaps you will even be able to tell me who The Architect is…


Without your help I may not be able stop him. And we may lose all our dreams…”


Photo by Mal, drawning by Marco Attard

 We hope that you will find this project interesting. Please drop by and say hello.

It will be easy enough to recognize us. As much as our character Seline, we have a thing for cats and crafts. We may be wearing one of the designs below:

Photo by Ma;
Photo by Mal

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