Plant a seed and watch the art grow


painting by Rita

Last night we have posted a link to some of the new works that are going to debut over the weekend on our installation. Now, it`s time to reveal all the pieces that we are about to grow on trees. Below you will find the links to Rita’s Deviant Art gallery and you will be able to see each and every painting in digital. This is for those, who will not be able to attend and still would like to know what’s in store.

And the artworks are:


Science of things:


The core



Caught in your trap:

19 days:


Elenna: Stawards:

The Hive:

Death Garden:

The Nest:

The Devil’s Night:

The Orb


If you are going to meet us this week end at Earth`s Garden in Ta` Qali in Malta, we will appreciate if you come and join us and tell us what you think about the project and the idea behind it.

When visiting the Gallery, you can always click on `download` button to see  the artwork in high resolution.

Now if you excuse us, we have to start test growing. We will keep you updated in the afternoon.


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