We`ve got the materials

We have spent the afternoon like busy bees. Shopping is done. We have got now a nice set of materials required for the project. Our goal was simple: not to spend a lot of money and yet gather materials that would be used (and re-used) after the whole thing is over.

We have spent 30 EUR in total and got what we needed:

a)      3 meters of hard metal wire (8mm)

b)      a pair of wire clippers

c)      purple silk rope (5 packs, over 30 meters)

d)      10 meters of white ribbon

e)      10 meters of orange ribbon

f)        blank white and golden guest book

We shopped locally so the carbon print of the project is very low. This is very important.

You can see the set of materials here:

photo by Mal

Also the Art is prepared now. 16 pieces in total.  We will test grow it tomorrow.

photo by Mal

In the evening we will start writing. Please stay with us to see how the project is developing.


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