Art to grow on trees…

Do you believe it is possible for art to grow on trees? May sound like a fantastic theme but we are going to prove it is possible. All that it takes is creativity, a little bit of improvisation and materials and of course Art.

But before we reveal more about the project, let us introduce you to the most important ingredient: a tree.  Obviously we couldn’t grow one ourselves, so we teamed up with Mother Nature. So far the collaboration looks very promising.

We were told this is an old orange tree. It grows in a public park and is been there for at least four decades, maybe longer. No one is quite sure. On thing about it, it doesn’t bloom anymore.  

We may not have magic powers but we thought that at least for a short while we can make it bloom, and it is going to take place this week-end.

So, before Saturday morning arrives, we will disclose more and more information about what we have been preparing for the last coupe of weeks.

So far we have some really nice photos for you to look at.


photo by Mal


Photo by Mal

You are welcome to click on the photos to see them in a high resolution. We appreciate comments and please watch this space for future announcements.

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