Clopidi Le Banc video premiere

Single cover

It`s Independence Day and we have got an independent video premiere for you at Vanadian Avenue. Today, we want to celebrate integrity, resilience and creativity of unsigned and independent musicians on our circuits: those working against the odds, often with no budget, who juggle song writing with visual side of things and marketing themselves at the same time. Those are the unsung heroes of the show business. And spotlight should be on them.

And we hope you will agree with us that new single and video from French/German project Clopidi could be a textbook example of what it means to be an independent artist in all its glory. We have had a pleasure and privilege to interview mastermind behind the band – Corentin Neyran – in February this year and he is very definition of rock and roll fun.

Firstly, Corentin is not just any musician. He was the original drummer to The Kecks – a band in such a rapid ascendancy they have been called “The Strokes of Hamburg”. He is a multi-instrumentalist playing bass, guitar and drums and he is an accomplished vocalist to boot. Corentin speaks French and English and is conversant in German. Did we mention that in his daily work he is an engineer? Or that he records in a real bunker in the heart of red-light district of St Pauli in Hamburg?

Clopidi is something of a one-man army. Every instrument, every note, every hook and vocal is composed, recorded and mastered by Corentin Neyran. So are the videos created in collaboration with German visual artist Lucas Schwob. Previous single “My Window” was accompanied by a stop motion animated video that utilized everyday objects as a décor of a fairy-tale like house.  New video concentrates around a masked band playing on a park bench. And they are not just any masks either- they are crocheted!

“The song is called “Le Banc”, which is French for “the bench” as the lyrics are fully in French this time” – explains Corentin – “it tells the story of a person watching a bench in a park and seeing an old version of him/herself on it. The song gives a kind and positive look on the reality of getting older”.

“Le Banc” has a special meaning for Corentin:

“The theme and lyrics of the song were greatly inspired by my grandfather with whom I had a precious relationship” – he says with pride – “It is also one of the reasons why the lyrics are in French, so my family can easily understand them”.

Clopidi`s new offering is an uplifting lofi composition inspired by jazz and avantgarde rock act such as Residents (including a homage to their immortal brown paper bags and various balaclavas as face covering) making it one of the most charming, unique and original acts to appear on the indie circuit in the last year.

And this is what we love it so much at Vanadian Avenue. Long live DIY!

Corentin Neyran channelling the spirit of Hardy Fox

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