Dois Padres – How You Gonna single review

“How You Gonna” – single cover

Once in a while, a single to review will land in my inbox and I will take a liking to the artist almost immediately. It`s no secret that I tend to gravitate towards guitar music, but if the track has a little sprinkle of garage or psychedelia in it, then I’m all ears without exception.

Few days ago, the kind people at Vandalism Begins at Home sent me one of their artists to check and I have to say, discovering Dois Padres made so happy. Not only was I introduced to an awesome project, but the song “How You Gonna” is a banger in every sense of the word. What a pleasure it is to be a music journo sometimes!     

If you haven’t heard about Dois Padres before, few obligatory words about them – I just had to do some digging. The duo consists of Danny Young (vox, guitar) and George Cowan (drums) and they are based in Luton. They started out in 2017 and so far, self-released three digital records: “Welcome to the Thrillhouse” (2018), “The Grind” (2019) and ”Swamp Jams” (2021). It was their last album that showcased their signature “fuzz sound”.

Have a listen

It`s quite a feat to define was Dois Padres do musically, because it`s such a delightful mish mash of styles. Quintessentially, we have a British band that took americana, roots, alternative/college rock and grinded it with garage and psychedelia. At times they accommodate elements of New Orleans rock scene or country & western. They even dress like they are about to rob a bank on the Wild West – bandanas and cowboy hats included.         

I have soft spot for acts like these. Dois Padres like Los Suns (formerly known as Captain Suun) or Trip Westerns take upon themselves to break boundaries between what constitutes “British” and “American” music and try to create a niche on the indie circuit in which they can explore the best among genres and simply be creative. I can almost imagine all three bands sitting at the Bad Luck Social Club in Brighton over a bottle of finest whiskey discussing obscure books and records way late into the night.

Dois Padres by CCG Photography

“How You Gonna” is a perfect soundtrack for a road trip wits groovy rhythm and wild, distorted guitars. For one second imagine Greg Dulli (Afghan Whigs) jamming with Hank Williams III in a basement of Rick Miller (Southern Culture on the Skids) and you won’t be too far off the mark. The drum solo and spoken word part in the last minute remind me a bit of Monster Magnet. What a treat!

The whole song is built around questions: some metaphysical, some being a bitter commentary on an endless circle of poverty that people can’t seem to get out of. Simple yet effective and it will get you pondering while you are on the road.

I am being told that Dois Padres will release their new album “Comin` In Hot” and if that`s true then count me in among first buyers. Thanks Vandalism Begins at Home. I may have found myself a new fav band. Lucky me.

Malicia Dabrowicz

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