PRoject Leave The Capital – Luna Rosa Interview

And here we are! Today is the big day when Project: Leave The Capital is finally going on tour. After months of preparation, recording, rehearsals, planning and worrying, the first show is happening right now, probably as you read this article. Four incredible teams (Blaggers RecordsBlenderVandalism Begins @ Home and Transmission Indie), joining together to give four unsigned acts a chance to reach more fans, play on the stages of  the most popular indie venues across the UK. 

To celebrate the big day, we sat down with Rory McDade of LUNAROSA to discuss their plans for the year, their hopes and their new music that will be released shortly.

Official bio:
The quartet have toured relentlessly around the UK playing over 300 shows in their short time. Sold out shows, headline slots and chances to grace large festival stages such as Dot To Dot Festival have seen them join big names such as: Reef, The Horrors, Lightning Seeds, Glen Matlock, Space and The Bluetones, to name a few.

Early single’s “Fever” & “Spread My Ashes Anywhere But Here” gained airplay on BBC6 Music, BBC Introducing, Radio X and an array of others including 50 stations in Europe. The following Single “Mercurial Man” was playlisted by Burberry & Q Magazine. Recent Singles “MK Ultra” & “Brutal Nature” have been played on Radio x, BBC Introducing & BBC 6.

2022 sees Luna Rosa touring the UK with new project ‘Leave The Capital’ after being chosen to represent the Northamptonshire area. 2022 also sees the release of their 6 track EP.


LUNAROSA on socials:

LUNAROSA has been a constant presence on the indie circuit for a while now, but not everyone may be familiar with your name. Please say a few words about your music and who is the part of the band.

Rory McDade: We’ve got Aidan Furey on lead guitar and havoc, Jack Connolly on drums and confusion, Callum Connachie on bass and vocals and me, Rory McDade on guitar and vocals. We play a sort of blend of rock and indie.

Your latest single “Brutal Nature” received a rave review from BBC Introducing Northampton who called it a “well composed, fantastic song”. Tell us more about it.


Rory McDade: Oh, did they now! Thank you very much. “Brutal Nature” was recorded in Wolverhampton at Magic Garden studios with Gavin Monaghan, who if you don’t know by name, you will definitely know by the music he’s been involved in. He gave it this real tribal raucous feel, captured the strut, that’s for sure. We wanted to make this atmospheric, hard hitting. It began just with Aidan’s intro; it was like a minute long poem. He wrote all of it during nightshifts. We recorded it the day before the first lockdown and there was this strange feeling in the air as we walked round the town at lunch. I think that feeling of uncertainty seeped into the song, somehow pushed the lyrics into place. It’s that age old tale of meeting the devil at the crossroads and deciding what road you’re going to take.

During the pandemic, you have been heavily involved in collecting money for Music Venue Trust and saving local venues. How important are local, small establishments for indie bands these days? What do you think would happen if they suddenly closed?

Rory McDade: They’re the sunbeams that break through to the saplings, you know. Without them smaller bands can’t grow and get out to other areas, can’t hone their craft, become better musicians. It’s a domino effect. Without venues you can’t have well crafted acts that can support bigger acts and go on to be the next recording artists. Bands can’t grow and create a following which essentially helps fund the industry. Like any good institution or industry, you must have a good foundation to build upon, as much as nostalgia is a sweet thing and old bands are what they are, without these smaller local venues there’s no future, no new innovation, no one to fill the bigger venues when this crop pass. I mean, where did all these headliners start? It wasn’t Wembley, was it?


You are one of the four bands chosen to participate in Project: Leave The Capital. How does it feel to reach the finals and go on tour?

Rory McDade:  We’re buzzing to be put on record and go play this tour!

It’s brilliant, really pleased that projects like this exist and proud of the people that make them happen, so to be involved is beautiful. We had a bit of a relationship with some of the guys involved, they’d put us on gigs before and we knew their sort of mindset, but it seems like the whole project and everyone involved including the other acts share the same ethos and determination that we do as a band, so it’s quite the match made in heaven. I know a lot of the other acts that applied but didn’t get chosen. The standard was high and is a true testament to the area’s musicians. So, to get on the record and the tour is a real accomplishment, we must be doing something right!

What do you hope to achieve in 2022? Do you have any new year resolutions as a band?

Rory McDade: We want to play bigger gigs, bigger festivals and keep making the songs we want to make, same as every year. We’ve an EP that’s been on the back burner for far too long! We hope to get that out to the people and then get back in and record the next batch of tunes we’ve got. 2022 is hopefully the year we can get the momentum back and the fog can finally clear for a sight of the future.  Jack wants a tan, a mullet, a moustache and a gold tooth, which hopefully won’t affect the band too much! (laughing)

As for any resolutions – we want none. We are not really into that stuff.


Northamptonshire has a vibrant music scene. Please recommend any artists from your hometown that we should be checking out.

Rory McDade: There’s a good eclectic talented mix. Kinships just released a great EP. Baby Lung, Tragic, The Barratts and Bloody/Bath are all doing bits over in Northampton, all different styles but all wicked in their own way! And I believe Skirt and Flash Peasants from our hometown have new music coming soon which I’m excited for.

Find them on Instagram at:

Project: Leave The Capital online:

260975566_4459551960829448_6259119104918559084_nTour (tickets):
The Underground, Stoke. Wednesday 9th of February 2022
The Castle Hotel, Manchester. Thursday 10th of February 2022
Jimmy’s Liverpool, Liverpool. Friday 11th of February 2022
The Castle Tavern, Luton. Saturday 12th of February 2022
The Hope & Ruin, Brighton. Sunday 13th of February 2022
The Water Rats, London. Friday 18th of February 2022
MK11 Live Music Venue & Sports Bar, Milton Keynes. Saturday 5th of March 2022

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