Project: Leave the Capital – JW Paris Interview

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The celebration of indie music, known as Project: Leave The Capitol is starting at the beginning of February and we are very excited. Four young bands, one vinyl record and 8 gigs all over the UK – this is going to be a fantastic event and we hope you can join Blaggers Records and the bands on the incoming tour. 

Last week we spoke to Alex Forde, the mastermind behind the project and owner of Blaggers Records. Today, we sat down with Aaron, bassist with London based trio JW Paris to ask them about the band’s beginnings, new drummer and what can we expect from their shows next month. 


Official bio: 
JW Paris have seen their first three singles “Sober”, “Favourite Thing” and “Royalty” gain national and international radio play from Jack Saunders on BBC Radio 1, BBC 6 Music, Absolute Radio and Radio X. They have supported the likes of The Amazons, Yonaka, Avalanche Party and The Blinders to name a few.
JW Paris sound has been developing from birth, with Aaron (Vocals/Bass) and Danny (Vocals/Guitar) knowing each other like brothers, as their Dad’s were in the band Choke throughout the 90’s who were signed to EMI. Aaron and Danny have gone from forming their sound in a 24 hour storage lock-up (then being kicked out) to anywhere now in London that will let them play loud. JW Paris have been taken even more forward with the arrival of Gemma behind the drums (Babyshambles) Taking influencers ranging from Smashing Pumpkins, The Dandy Warhols, Nirvana, Blur and Suede has given them a raw Anglo-American, alt-tock swagger that wouldn’t sound out of place in the late 90’s.
JW Paris have been described as sounding like “Joy Division” and “where gritty meets swaggery” by Chris Hawkins (6 Music) and have a string of stand out singles under their belt including “Favourite Thing” and “Royalty” mixed by JB Pilon (Kula Shaka) at the groovy Buffalo Studios and mastered by John Davis (U2/Noel Gallagher/Royal Blood) at Metropolis Studios.
Throughout mid 2020, JW Paris have partnered with Jagermeister on pivoting to online shows and even managed to play a SOLD OUT socially distant London show at Amersham Arms, until we reassessed into another lockdown. JW Paris have been working hard on mastering the new EP which will feature an array of exciting, powerful and bold new singles – keep your eyes out for Electric Candle Light their fourth single and brand new EP. The album sets to be the most honest and open songwriting they have produced.

JW Paris have been described as a “band of brothers”. How long have you known each other and when did you realise you wanted to make music together?

Aaron Forde: Pretty much since the womb, separate wombs though. Our mums are best friends, our dads were in the same band back in the 90’s called Choke. So, we’ve grown up not only together but around the music scene.


Recently, you have been joined by Gemma Clarke (Babyshambles, The Suffrajets). She is known to be one of the UKs most powerful drummers. Do you think Gemma’s presence changed the band’s musical direction?

Aaron Forde: Gemma is a powerhouse! Raw punk attitude to not only the drums, but life as well. She’s given us a lot – more drive for sure. We think, if she could live in a drum kit, she definitely would. And she would be extremely happy at that! The passion and energy to rehearse has been injected back into us and at a high dosage as well! We spend most of our time in Rooz Studios and we can’t wait to get on the road, emerging from the smoky sanctuary to show you what we’ve all been up to.

You will be touring the country in February and March, not only as part of Leave The Capital project but also with The Skinner Brothers. How do you prepare for long periods of time on the road?

Aaron Forde: Well, truth be told, this is our first tour/tours. Bathing ourselves in Jack Daniel’s whilst reciting the life of Danny Sugarman and dancing on hot coals should do it.

The band received support from industry heavy weights: Janice Long, Jack Saunders and Chris Hawkins among others. How important is radio for up-and-coming bands?

Aaron Forde: Radio is crucial for bands on the rise, especially at this current moment. While gigs are still getting cancelled left right and centre, radio is the only stage that covid can’t cancel. We’ve been so grateful to all the support along the way. Not only does it get our music out there but gives us the drive to think people other than us actually want to listen to it as well! (laughing)

All our love and rock and roll respect go out to the late Janice Long, who supported us so much along the way.


What do you think needs to be done to help new artists to break through to the masses? Spotify streams alone won’t do the trick.

Aaron Forde: Getting out on the road. Connecting with people in the real world, throwing your sweat around a room, drowning the ears of a room full of people with a gallon of rock and roll. Either that or become a TikTok sensation, I guess.

We know you have been working on a new EP. Is it possible to hear some of your new material in 2022?

Aaron Forde: We have been burrowed away working on something VERY special that we can wait to show the world… and its dog. We begin the first phase of our album release post tour. To catch a glimpse of what’s to come, get yourself to one if not all of these shows!

If you could work with any producer and any studio in the whole world, who are you hiring and why?

Aaron Forde: The JW Paris camp loves family and what we have right now is pure synchronistic creativity and attitude. Our current producer, JB Pilon (Buffalo Studios) as we’ve mentioned time and time again, is like the fourth member of our band. Magic man. We’ve learnt so much from him and from ourselves when we’re all together.

However, if JB happens to be busy climbing a mountain or something, then – Rick Rubin. He has produced for all the greats, Beastie Boys, Johnny Cash, RHCP’s the lot! He’s life is music and with such an eclectic producing background, it seems like he could get the best out of any act that came into his studio. He also has a great podcast called Broken Record, so check that out.


Project: Leave The Capital online:

Tour (tickets):

Bedford Esquires, Room 2, Bedford. Saturday 5th of February 2022
The Underground, Stoke. Wednesday 9th of February 2022
The Castle Hotel, Manchester. Thursday 10th of February 2022
Jimmy’s Liverpool, Liverpool. Friday 11th of February 2022
The Castle Tavern, Luton. Saturday 12th of February 2022
The Hope & Ruin, Brighton. Sunday 13th of February 2022
The Water Rats, London. Friday 18th of February 2022
MK11 Live Music Venue & Sports Bar, Milton Keynes. Saturday 5th of March 2022

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