The cat collector or kat a log part 24

Ahoy kittens!

Meow to the lovely weather outside! What a joy is to finally have full fledged summer! Long days, warm nights, fighting for the territory at 3 am, singing at the top of your loungs – a true cat’s dream!

Kat-a-log team had a little break (we need holidays as well!) but we are coming back with an excellent summer collections of kittens, cats, strange felines, old companions and newcomers – everything in one splendid edition of your favorite cat-friendly collection!

A big thank you to all readers and visitors! Some friends of ours claim that Olympia and her cats will one day end up being featured on BBC’s show called “Collectaholics” but that would be too good to be true! If you know anyone working for British Broadcasting Corporation, please send them a link to our blog. We will buy you a beer! In the meantime, you can use the links below to read previous editions of  Kat-a-log:

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If you have anything to add, don’t forget to contact us at We will be forever grateful for any information about makers, models or links. You get a full credit and Kat-a-log can be as precise as possible.

Now ladies and gents, please welcome today’s guests!

Kat-a-log Feline no.106
Three sides of a cat: How high, Fade to grey and My own reflection
Country of origin: UK, bought as a gift from Download Festival in June 2014

Hey kids rock and roll! The first cat in this edition of Kat-a-log, has been bought at Download festival in June 2014, just before the Linking Park concert and it is literally made of metal!  If you look closely, you will notice that this is not a figurine but kitten shaped picture frame! And the kitten is wearing a bow tie.  Bow ties are cool!

This beautiful and very cute frame is only 10 cm tall but weights quite a bit. A small, passport size photograph can be displayed inside, but caution is advised when the thin glass cover is removed. Rita nearly cut herself while trying to take it out! The frame was mass produced in Hong Kong and is distributed in the UK by Flame Homeware.

Official site:
Flame of Facebook:

How high
How high
Fade to grey
Fade to grey
My own reflection
My own reflection

Kat-a-log Feline no.107
Three sides of a cat: Tree Trunk Hotel, This way, I know the short cut and There you are!
Country of origin: Ibiza, brought as a gift in July 2014

Kat-a-log kittens  no.107 and 108  can be purchased as a set or separately, that’s why we decided to give each cat its own number.
Let us introduce you to the gentleman first – this absolutely adorable Siamese cat is not a figurine but a pepper pot!  Designed by Sass and Belle of London (gift ware company), the pot can be refilled by removing a small plastic seal placed on the underside. The male cat is slightly bigger that the female and his measurements are 11 cm x 12cm x 8cm.

Tree trunk hotel
Tree trunk hotel
This way, I know the short cut
This way, I know the short cut
There you are!
There you are!

Kat-a-log Feline no.108
Three sides of a cat:Reaching up, Now you see me and now you don’t and Weekend out of town
Country of origin: Ibiza, brought as a gift in July 2014

The lady is a salt pot and just like her partner, it can be filled by removing the seal at the bottom of the figurine. Both kitten are made of  good quality ceramics and have a high gloss finish. Placed next to each other, the kittens are embracing in a very cute fashion that will melt your hearth. Placing them at your dinner table is highly recommended unless you have a real cat that likes to jump at the table. Both cats are very delicate and should be handled with care.

Reaching up
Reaching up
Weekend out of town
Weekend out of town
Now you see me and now you don't
Now you see me and now you don’t

And now both cats photographed together sitting at hand carved bench in Symonds Yat Park:

Three sides of a cat: Selfie!, Let’s dance and It’s better to be together

Despite being designed and made in the UK, both felines traveled a long way. They have been bought on the island of Ibiza by Rita’s friend who spent her holidays there in June 2014.  They were spotted in a gift shop at the hotel and acquired straight away. Now they are awaiting their ticket to Poland where they will be employed  in Olympia’s kitchen.

You don’t have to fly to Ibiza to purchase them. The set is available online at Sass and Belle official site:—pepper-set
Sass and Belle on Facebook:

Let's dance
Let’s dance
It's better to be together
It’s better to be together

Kat-a-log Feline no.109
Three sides of a cat: Can I have a hug?, Pinball wizard and Rock and Roll kitten
Country of origin: Hereford, UK, bought in April 2013

Say hello to Buttons Kitten! One of the biggest plush mascots in Olympia’s collection. Buttons has been bought in April 2013 by Rita and currently resides in the UK. He is spending his days sitting on Rita’s bed and keeping Smudge company (described below). As you probably know, Rita had some problems with her thyroid and underwent an operation in October 2013. Buttons kitten was purchased in Hereford  Hospital after biopsy results proved to be quite bad. Luckily everything ended well and Rita is now fully cured and back in action. If you don’t feel well, a big black and white cat will keep your spirits up!

Buttons Kitten is still in production and can be purchased from the official website of Humatt Ltd and Perkins Group Services Ltd at:
Buttons on Facebook:

He comes in two colors (grey and black/white) and in four different sizes (small, medium, large and x-large). Rita is a proud owner of  extra large kitten, that measures 32 cm in length and weights 340 grams. His pictures have been taken during May Day 2013 celebration in Hereford.

Buttons Cat
Official picture of Buttons Kitten
Can i have a hug?
Can I have a hug?
Pinball wizard
Pinball wizard
Rock and Roll kitten
Rock and Roll kitten

Kat-a-log Feline no.110
Three sides of a cat: Garden Adventure, Stuck on Magnolia tree and Befriending a Bluebell
Official name: Smudge
Country of origin: Indonesia, bought as a gift on 14th of February 2012 in Hereford, UK

This beautiful fluffy kitten is an extremely important part of Kat-a-log.  He is one of the cats kept by Rita in the UK, but is still counted among Olympia’ menagerie. Rita remembers the day she was given the cat very well – it was 14th of February 2012 and the mascot had something wonderful attached to his left paw. A small blue box contained her engagement ring!!! Rita fell in love with Smudge straight away and he is sitting on her bed every single day. This is how you make a crazy cat lady happy: give her a ring and a cat 🙂

Smudge has been made in Indonesia for Keel Toys. He measures 30 cm in length (12″), weights 8 ounces, is made from super soft quality plush (as described by maker) and comes with European safety certificate and a name tag. Sadly, his line (Keel Toys Cats) is not longer continued but you can purchase Smudge on Ebay and Amazon without any difficulties. Smudge’s photo session was taken in Queenswood Country Park and Arboretum in Hereford and the magnolia tree he has climbed is Magnolia Atlas native to New Zealand.

Keel Toys website:
Keel Toys on Facebook:

Official picture of Smudge by Keel Toys
Official picture of Smudge by Keel Toys
Garden adventure
Garden adventure
Stuck on Magnolia tree
Stuck on Magnolia tree
Befriending a Bluebell
Befriending a Bluebell

We hope you have enjoyed the 24th issue of Kat-a-log as much as we did writing it for you. It is always so much fun trying to remember where did we get the cats from and then investigating different leads online. We love collecting cat figurines and we dedicate a lot of our time and energy to make our hobby look professional and interesting for virtual passer by’s.

Please do us a favor guys and put out some water and food for stray cats (and any other animals too), especially in this hot weather.
This doesn’t cost anything but can save many lives! A big THANK YOU in advance!

Olympia and her faithful sidekicks: Rita+Mal

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