The cat collector or Kat-a-log part 13

Hello feline friends!

Holidays came, holidays went and now we are back at work! We hope you had a lovely Easter break. It was a bit cold and the winter is not letting go just yet, but the forecast is looking promising for the next few weeks. It is going to be sunny and dry and all the neighbourhood cats will be out and about lounging in the sunny places. Olympia has prepared several new entries for the Kat-a-log and we will be publishing at least one entry a week – we have a huge backlog!

If you are interested in the previous editions of our cat-friendly project, please take a look at the links below. Any additional information about the figurines we have featured are always welcome too. Make, model details, date or year when they were issued – that kind of data is exactly what we are looking for! Got any tips or leads? Email them to r dabrowicz at yahoo dot com. No spam, thank you very much!

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Now, dear audience, be prepared to meet 4 kittens from Olympia’s vast collection of paws and tails.  Some joined the collection years ago and some are making their debut this month. Please, clap your hands for the loveliest creatures under the sun!

Kat-a-log Feline no. 47
Two sides of a cat: The artist cat and Ivy League
Official name: Salem
Country of origin:
Malta, made especially for Olympia in  2010

The majority of cats in Olympia’s collection has been bought as gifts from her family members and friends, but this incredible kitty is literally one-of-a-kind item. The hand-cut copper sculpture has been commissioned by Malicia and made by renewed UK artist Jackie Roberts during the Patches Market (arts and crafts festival) in Valetta. The order has been made on 25 of September and the sculpture was delivered on 14 of October 2010.  As you can see on the pictures, the cat has a metal collar with a small fish shaped tag that says “Salem”. This is a reference to Olympia’s favourite black feline – a real cat we must add! Another interesting  fact is that the background for the first picture has been provided by Olympia’s original abstract artwork.

Jackie Roberts’ official Facebook page:
The artist resides on Gozo and is open for commissions!
Patches Market official site on FB can be access here:

The artist cat
The artist cat
Ivy league
Ivy league

Kat-a-log Feline no. 48
Two sides of a cat: Rest after work and Le Freak!
Country of origin:
Piekary Slaskie, Poland  bought in circa 2004

The Kat-a-log project is a family business thanks to involvement of relatives and friends, but sometimes Olympia herself goes cat-hunting. This was the case of the glittery fridge magnet that Olympia spotted in our hometown of Piekary Slaskie, in a local store, not far away from our grandparents’ house 🙂 It is a perfect example that sometimes you don’t have to look very far to find a real treasure.  We do not know who made the cat, but the artist is responsible for an entire animal collection. Our fridge is decorated with several of his creation including a rare yellow mimosa butterfly and a peacock. Judging by the vibrant colours, Kaolin based modelling clay has been used to make the cat and a small black magnet keeps the kitty in place!

Rest after work
Rest after work
Le Freak
Le Freak

Kat-a-log Feline no. 49
Three sides of a cat: The constant gardener, Growing up green and Study in red
Country of origin:
UK, given as a gift in March 2013

Cat number 49 is the last of the three kittens given to Rita by Gill, her colleague from work. Gill’s mother, Agnes was a big cat lover and collected figurines for many years. She sadly passed away in early March and Gill decided to re-home the furry creatures.

The first cat has a number 31 and can be sound here:
The second is marked with number 45 and can be viewed here:

Gill is not sure who sculpted the cat from coal, or how log it has been in Agnes’ possession. The local antique dealer thinks the cat was made in early 80’s, so it can be considered vintage. We photographed the black beauty at work, where Rita’s co-workers set up a small windowsill garden. The results are stunning, don’t ya think?

The constant gardener
The constant gardener
Growing up green
Growing up green
Study in red
Study in red

Kat-a-log Feline no. 50
Three sides of a cat: White cat, black cat and Lenny the lamb, Easter egg and Chocolate halves
Country of origin:
UK, bought by Rita in April 2013

Hooray! We have reached number 50! The “half-a-hundred” cat is actually two cats, how cool is that! The pair of porcelain kitties consists of smaller white cat with black pattern and a bigger black cat with a white pattern. They are bound together with a golden threat. Rita found the pair in local RSPCA charity shop in Hereford during the Easter gift sale. The branch was collecting money for the adoption of newly accepted animals. How could we refuse such a noble cause?  We do not know who donated the kitties or who made them, but it doesn’t really matter! They are now part of Kat-a-log and Olympia is very grateful! The duo has been given an Easter themed photosession and look what they did to our Easter egg! By the way, Lenny the lamb is a ginger cookie baked by Costa Cafe each year around Easter holidays. You are late this year, but try your luck next Spring!

Remember, if you are living in the UK or Malta, the local adoption centres always have donated items on sale and the money will be used to re-home animals or treat them. Do not buy live animals, adopt them! The Herefordian branch is 90 years old this year so it is a grand reason to celebrate!

Please visit RSPCA here:
Malta SPCA offcial page is here: or find them on FB:

White cat, black cat and Lenny the lamb
White cat, black cat and Lenny the lamb
Easter egg
Easter egg
Chocolate halves
Chocolate halves

Wow, what a great edition of the Kat-a-log this has been! Olympia sends her greetings and wishes everybody a belated Happy Easter.
She says that number 13 is never unlucky and she reminds her readers to serve their masters (cats) and pet the best friends (dogs and other animals) 😀

Kat-alog will be back next week so mark the date in your calendars!
Have a great day,

Rita, Mal and Olympia Dabrowicz

[Edit 10/04/2013]

We did a little test. There is a hugely popular Facebook page dedicated to paws and tails only – Just Cats – that we follow regularly. We have decided to show them a link to the blog and see if they would like it. They did and even gave us a mention! See the screenshot below and you can visit the page for all your daily feline fix by clicking on the link:

Mmention on the Just Cats Facebook page
Mention on the Just Cats Facebook page

Isn`t it purr-fect?


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