The cat collector or Kat-a-log part 12

Buenos dias!

It’s mid-March already! Spring is in the air, days are longer and warmer, flowers begin to bloom and all felines suddenly become vocal. In other words: here comes the March madness to serenade the neighbourhood and to pick up fights. Olympia was recently busy as a bee preparing another action packed edition of Kat-a-log (and combating a nasty bout of flu). Just in time for this edition, new addition to the collection arrived from Azores islands (talking about a truly exotic location). Also, we have taken our cats outside and let them pose among the flowers and we will prove that a cat and mouse can be best buddies (or a collector`s dream set). So read on!

If you have missed the previous editions of Kat-a-log, please click on the following links to see all the cats featured on our blog so far. The list is getting longer but the collection is huge! Have fun browsing through the entries and don’t forget to let us know which cat is your favourite one!

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If you plan a Spring-break this year, why not take Azores Islands as a possible destination? The Archipelago of nine volcanic islands in the heart of North Atlantic Ocean sounds as exotic as it is beautiful. It is also home to some amazing hand-crafted cat figurines. We mean what else a cat collector would need?

Kat-a-log Feline no. 43
Official name: Gêmeos (Gemini or Twins)
Three sides of a cat: Tea selection, Mind the date and Product placement
Country of origin: São Miguel Island , Azores, Portugal bought in February, 2013

Last year Malicia`s friend from work – Annika – got married and moved from Malta to Azores. Before she departed, she has promised to send something in the post from her new home. Few weeks went by and a small parcel arrived at the office addressed with a hand writing that resembled hieroglyphs. Annika may have a terrible hand writing (she admits to it!) but her taste in picking up hand-craft figurines is divine. When we opened the letter, we fell in love instantly. Olympia had been sent a set of metal and silver –paint coated kittens with long tails. The duo known as “Gêmeos” (Gemini) was purchased on São MiguelIsland (the largest island of the Archipelago) during weekly Artisan market. Known on the Portuguese mainland as “artesão em ferro e metal” (the art of handcraft from metal and iron), the cats have been produced by a technique that dates back to 1600s. However, it is hardly practiced in Azores, where clay and basket – making take most of percentage of the traditional crafts.  Annika said that she’s only seen a handful of artists that had something different on their stalls during the fair. These small creatures were only felines for grabs that day. She didn’t think twice and we can’t blame her.

If you want to learn more about Azores (and perhaps plan yourself a fantastic Spring-break), here is the link for you to visit:

Tea selection
Tea selection
Mind the date
Mind the date
Product placement
Product placement

Kat-a-log Feline no. 44
Three sides of a cat: Just the two of us, Staring contest and Pretty in pink
Country of origin: made in Kenya, bought in Berlin in February 2013

Do you remember the travelling garden gnome from the movie “Amélie” with Audrey Tautou in the eponymous role? The cat and mouse you see below on the pictures (they are a part of the set), have been all around the world in a similar fashion, before they were given to Rita by her colleague from work. Let’s us start from the beginning as this is a lovely story! Both figurines have been carved from a pink soap stone in Kenya as part of the fair trade movement. They have been acquired by Polish company Betterware that imports African ornaments to Europe. From Poland, the duo went to Russia to company’s main warehouse and then travelled to Germany where they have been spotted by Amy in a gift shop. Believing the pair to be a German sculpture, Amy proudly took them to the UK and handled to a very surprised Rita (who is Polish!). Once she opened the package and noticed the parcel’s travel log on a receipt, she had a good, long laugh! Now the cat and mouse will travel back to Poland to Olympia to join the rest of the Kat-a-log collection. Anybody wants to write a script?

Just the two of us
Just the two of us
Staring contest
Staring contest
Pretty in pink
Pretty in pink

Kat-a-log Feline no. 45
Three sides of a cat: Disguised as a flower, The Watcher and Look what I have found
Country of origin: not known, given as a gift in March 2013

Almost nothing is known about this beautiful and graceful kitten with a Kat-A-Log number 45. It has been given as a gift over 30 years ago to Agnes, the mother of Rita’s colleague from work. It is the second of three kittens that Gill offered to Olympia after the death of her mom earlier this year. The first one has a number 31 and can be found here:

The figurine is very unique: this is the first lusterware piece in Olympia’s Collection and the porcelain the cat is made of is extremely light. We had an antique specialist to look at the cat and he is sure it has been made in the UK in 1960’s. The pose and decorative bow around the cat’s neck suggest it is heavily inspired by Art deco art. A similar figurine was found on antiques online store at:

Disguised as a flower
Disguised as a flower
The watcher
The watcher
Look what I have found
Look what I have found

Kat-a-log Feline no. 46
Three sides of a cat: Standing still, Guard duty and Something’s out there
Country of origin:
UK, bought in the Caribbean in February 2013

There are some things in this world that nobody of us would have believed in if we haven’t seen them with our eyes (or at least heard from reliable witnesses). One of those things would be: British tourists travelling to Caribbean are ignoring locally made souvenirs, instead choosing things made in (and widely available) in the UK. This lovely Old Tupton ceramic cat has been bought by Rita’s colleague in her hotel souvenir store. The store has been filled with ceramics, cups, mugs, shirts and everything else with British flag on it! While other nationalities were more local-friendly, Brits kept mostly to themselves. Rita’s friend (also named Amy) wasn’t able to find a locally made cat figurine so she brought Old Tupton cat home from exile 🙂 This is an exclusive (limited) edition of Jeanne McDougall’s design called “Red Dawn”. It measures approx. 18cm (7″) x 5cm (2″) x 6cm (2.5″) and comes in beautiful velvet gift box.

You can visit the maker’s website:

Standing still
Standing still
Guard duty
Guard duty
Something's out there
Something’s out there

We hope you have enjoyed this early spring edition of Kat-a-log. Please remember that calendar spring starts just in two days’ time – that calls for a celebration! Rita and Mal soon will be doing a big spring cleaning and who knows what we will find in our archives!
Olympia is sending her followers lots of warm greetings – there is still snow in Poland and the weather is not spring-like at all.

Keeping our fingers crossed all snow will soon melt away!

Have a great time and lots of sunshine, that’s what cats like the most 🙂

Best regards,
Rita, Mal and Olympia Dabrowicz

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