The cat collector or Kat-a-log part 4

Hello cat lovers!

Welcome again to yet another Kat-a-log issue! Outside, the days are getting shorter and darker, the winter is getting closer but we are celebrating the spirit of summer holidays! This issue is dedicated to 3 lovely cats our mom, the titular cat colector Olympia Dabrowicz, has received from her friends and family members. They travelled far and wide, went to different parts of Europe and brought cat figurines with them. There is nothing better in this world than a summer souvenir that meows, we tell ya.

Of course, our cats cannot really meow as they are made from wood, metal or ceramics, but they symbolize the man’s most gracious owner. Yes, you read it correctly. Cats own us, and if you do not agree with this painfully obvious statement, then friends, you are simply in total denial!

If you’d like to see other cats from Olympia’s collection, previous entries of Kat-a-log can be found below. Olympia is not only collecting but she decides where the photosessions will be taken, she chooses the pictures and edits them. In short, she has the last say about everything and staff to do her bidding. Just like a cat.

Kat-a-log Part 1:
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But now say hello to our furry newcomers:

Kat-a-log Feline no.14
Three sides of a cat:
Wake up and smell the roses, Sweet dreams are made of these and Whenever I lay my head is home
Country of origin: Clovelly, North Devon, UK – August 2012

This sleeping beauty comes from a series of toy felines entitled “Purrrfect cats” made by KandyToys Exeter. It was given to Olympia as a holiday present by a relative. The figurine has been made from a soft, man-made fabric that resembles the natural fur of a cat and arrived from a lovely town of Clovelly. The costal paradise, Clovelly is known as “the gem of North Devon” and the relative swears that you can spot a cat in every window and on every corner over there. Sounds like a purrrfect holiday spot for us!

You can visit the maker here:
Learn more about Clovelly by visiting their official page:

Wake up and smell the roses!
Sweet dreams are made of these...
Sweet dreams are made of these…
Wherever I lay my head is home

Kat-a-log Feline no.15
Three sides of a cat:
Heavyweight champion, Hanging by a thread and All your weight it falls on me
Country of origin:  Minorca, Spain, September 2012

Unusually shaped wooden cat, painted in vivid summery blue and red pattern, made his way to Poland from beautiful island of Minorca, where one of Rita’s co-workers has been vacationing with his wife. It took this poor couple a whole week to find a cat figurine! Bought on the last day of their stay, this cute creature is a great find! Thanks Mel, it is much appreciated! We have to add that the photosession was taken at the local gym and everybody had so much fun!

Heavyweight champion
Hanging by a thread
All your weight it falls on me

Kat-a-log Feline no.16
Three sides of a cat:
Mushroom picking, Waiting for the leaves to fall and Near the fountain
Country of origin:  Castelnaudary, Southern France, September 2012

Castelnaudary, a popular medieval market town and the capital of the territory of Lauragais, is known for its picturesque landscape, warm climate and great food. Over the years, it has become a holiday destination for British and German citizen. Gill, another colleague from Rita’s workplace, rented a bungalow and spent romantic two weeks there with her family in September 2012. Black and red wooden cat has been purchased from a local craftsman on the art market in September 2012.

Mushroom picking
Mushroom picking
Waiting for the leaves to fall
Near the fountain

To prove that the cat was indeed made in France, the artist placed a sticker with the name of the town at the bottom. Great way to remind us where it came from!

Don't label me!
Don’t label me!

Olympia is incredibly proud to be the new owner of all three holiday kitties as she calls them and so are we!
Please return soon as the Kat-a-log number 5 will feature some of the strangest cats you have ever seen.

They are coming to you, very soon!
Have a great day
Olympia + Rita and Mal Dabrowicz


    1. Mal and Rita

      Mom has a big house since we both moved out;). Actually since the collection has over 200 unique pieces, it is a bit of a challenge. Once one of us visits home, we will post some photos how they are displayed. Thats actually a great idea for “behind the scenes” edition of the Kat-a-log.

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