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We are taking a short break from the artists and crafts to concentrate for a second on music. Vanadian Avenue Team is incredibly proud to announce that another interview has been completed. This time David J Mazur and Malicia Dabrowicz spoken to Edu Mussi, a legendary figure on NYC rock/metal scene. We have to say, Mr Mussi is an excellent talker – it is always a pleasure to speak to somebody with a great sense of humor and dedication to his work. If you are a fan of Ascension of The Watchers or Echos and Shadow, this interview is a must read! Mr Mussi has revealed some great news and we think there is still a hope for the music business in 2013 😀  Enjoy!


                               INTERVIEW WITH EDU MUSSI


IT is quite an intimidating feeling to finally speak to somebody you have always wanted to interview. Edu Mussi, an icon of NYC underground scene and founding father of Industrial/Goth genres, is not only a talented musician but an extremely easy-going person. It was a real pleasure to sit down with him and chat about his music, future of Ascension of The Watchers, new projects and interests. Before we knew it, the interview was done and it was time for us to go home. Time does fly fast when you are having fun.

Vanadian Avenue: Who is Edu Mussi? Please introduce yourself to those fans that are unfamiliar with your previous projects.

Edu Mussi: I’m a musician. Other than Ascension of the Watchers, I’m also related with the names of Echoes and Shadows and Still Life Decay.

Vanadian Avenue: Do you remember your first day being the member of Ascension of the Watchers?

Edu Mussi: Not really. I was playing with them for a while but I just became a member a little bit before the recording sessions for “Numinosum” in, let me think, 2007, I believe.

First page of interview with Edu Mussi, all rights reserved

Vanadian Avenue: When heading onto the project of AoTW, what was your impression for this band?

Edu Mussi: I knew Burton and JB were looking for something different. They were not trying to sound like any other band they had worked with before. I was surprised that Burton was the one playing guitar. The fact that they were going for a whole different sound direction was actually what I liked the most. They were not afraid of taking risks or to just please the old fans.

Vanadian Avenue: You certainly are good friends with Burton C Bell and Bones Padilla. You collaborated together in three different outfits, each with a unique sound: Ascension of The Watchers (mood metal/ ambient), Still Life Decay (goth/ industrial) and Echoes and Shadows (electronic/experimental). Imagine that Burton calls you today and tells you he’s making a new project. What sort of sound would it have this time?

Edu Mussi: If we were lucky, we would sound like Fields of The Nephilim!

Vanadian Avenue: Fans debate whether AoTW would return to the stage or is the hiatus the true end of the band. Will we ever see the Watchers again or is this chapter of your life closed for good?

Edu Mussi: Funny to hear this question cause we’ve been actually talking a lot about the new Ascension of The Watchers record lately. No, we are not done yet. I just got a demo from Burton of a new song he wrote on the piano so…

Second page of interview with Edu Mussi, all rights reserved

Vanadian Avenue: “Nominosum” received rave reviews upon its release. However, critics’ enthusiasm rarely sells records. Do you know how many copies of the record have actually been sold?

Edu Mussi: Yes, I do but the nature of this project is not really about record sales. Of course you always wanna reach as many people as possible and get good reviews but our first idea was to get our own audience. Otherwise we would have done something that sounds just like Ministry or Fear Factory.

Vanadian Avenue: You contributed piano parts on Ministry album “Cover up” for the song “What a wonderful world” (originally recorded by Louis Armstrong). Quite a surprising pick. How did you end up working with Uncle Al?

 Edu Mussi: That happened in El Paso when we were recording “Numinosum” at Al’s place. At that time, he had just finished “The Last Sucker” and he was in the works for “Cover Up”. There was an old piano in the guest house where we were staying and I used to play it all the time (I play piano since I was 6 years old). In fact, I probably played that thing so much that Al had no other choice so he made me learn a 19 chords jazz piece in order to don’t hear me playing what I was all night long…

Vanadian Avenue: Interviews are fun but it is always the musician answering the questions. Let’s turn the tables. If you had a question to your fans, what would you ask them?

Edu Mussi: How many of you noticed that “What a Wonderful World” has a piano part from “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds”???

Vanadian Avenue: Was there a particular brand of 12 strings you used? If so, what was the factoring choice for this brand and how it would affect the sounds, mood, of AoTW?

Edu Mussi: I’m the type of guy that plays whatever is available as long as it sounds right. However, all the 12 strings on Ascension of The Watchers are played by Burton. I only played one of his 12 strings for “Sounds of Silence” which is a custom shop Fender XII baritone made by Todd Krauss.

Third page of interview with Edu Mussi, all rights reserved

Vanadian Avenue: With the song “On the River”, the strings feel lighter, yet ambient in a soothing way. What were the inspirations you personally had for this song?

Edu Mussi: That song was already written when we re-recorded for “Numinosum”. All that 12 strings strumming comes from Burton, I only played the same slide and lead guitars from the previous version which I always loved anyway.

Vanadian Avenue: Imagine you can play in front of 5 people and you get to choose the public. Who do you sit in the audience?

Edu Mussi: I guess It would have to be a paranormal experience once all of them are long time gone. I’d choose Houdini, Caligula, Genghis Khan and Jacques De Molay.

Vanadian Avenue: Several websites (Beatport for example) dedicated to electronic music and DJ’s list a new, enigmatic project next to your name: THE BLACK PIRANHAS. We tried to investigate and ended up with finding an experimental rock band from New Orleans. Do you have any ties with them? Or is it something completely different?

Edu Mussi: No, I don’t think I know who they are…. but maybe????

Fourth page of interview with Edu Mussi, all rights reserved

Vanadian Avenue: Tell us what can we expect in the future from you? A new project, new record, or maybe a tour?

Edu Mussi: Other than AoTW I got two other projects going on. One is a new album for Echoes and Shadows which I play all the instruments and is quite different from the first EP (very ambient and electronic). The other one is a new band which sounds a lot like a cross of 90’s Depeche Mode, The Cure – Disintegration period; it’s heavy on baritone vocals, layers of synths and e-bow guitars. I got a very biased opinion when it comes to touring and I’m not sure about that but, who knows? I would definitely tour with The Watchers if we get the right offer. I always have fun playing with Burton and JB mostly because of the great friendship we got. I must say it is something not very common among other bands these days.

Vanadian Avenue: Thank you for your time and answers!

Edu Mussi: Thank you as well!


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We have noticed that AoTW Facebook page and the references to the above-mentioned interview have been in the Google search quite often today. If you looked up “Edu Mussi”, you could see that we have placed three times in the first 10 results. Nothing big, but always a nice find. Screenshot attached.

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All the best from the usual trio:

Mal, Rita and David J.

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