Earth Garden Reminiscence: Mal and Rita’s Open-air Art store

Hello again!

It’s hard to believe but spring is already here and we are celebrating Easter! Last time Rita was writing a blog, it was winter and A New Year’s Day! Time goes fast and life yet again got in the way (Rita was looking for a new job) and three months later she discovered, she still hasn’t finished summarizing the Earth Garden events. Shame on her!
To wash away the disgrace, Rita promised to get back to work immediately and post regular updates.

Earth Garden 2011 logo.
Please visit their website:

 If you’d like to read previous entries about Earth Garden 2011, please click on the following links:

Earth Garden, an annual celebration of ecology, music and art, took place on 4th and 5th June 2011 in Ta’ Qali National Park on Malta. It was our second visit to the festival and we had a great time. Not only could we exhibit our works under the clear blue sky, surrounded by trees and present them to the art-orientated crowd, but we had a rare chance to meet other artists and exchange our views on almost every topic. If you add, that we also raised awareness about water usage and convinced visitors to save it – you now have a full picture of our success.

The festival allowed the artist to sell their crafts and collect money for charity, individual or collective artistic projects. We set up our small open-air store very close to one of the stages and across the road from our Tree of Art. It was a perfect spot: we enjoyed great music hidden from the heat in the shade, had a splendid view (Mal could take many interesting pictures without the need of going far!) and we could talk freely with guests visiting us from both sides of the National Park.

Our stand at Earth Garden. Picture by Malicia Dabrowicz

Before arriving to Ta’ Qali, we agreed that our stand had to be simple. We wanted people to concentrate on Rita’s art only and not on the stand itself. Mal came with a straightforward yet a funny design: a small table was decorated with a colorful cloth and an old suitcase was turned into a display cabinet. The artworks were placed together creating a unique collage of colors and shapes. The biggest and heaviest framed artwork was placed on a chair to protect it against damage and to show the guests even the smallest details.

Another full view of the open-air store. Picture by Malicia Dabrowicz

The nearby trees were also used. Mal attached several artworks to their trunks and branches trying to form a mirror image of the Tree of Art from the other side of the road. She succeeded – many visitors immediately recognized not only our style but also the concept. Some of them thought that the Tree of Art and our stand were connected and considered them the two halves of the same whole – especially if each half were „guarded” by a twin sister! Artworks displayed on this picture include:

On top: „The rain machine” 
Bottom: „My dark place”

Art attached to the tree. Picture by Malicia Dabrowicz

Another idea quickly recognized by the people was the „war of colors”. Mal placed artworks painted with cold shades (blue, green) next to the works painted with the warm ones (yellow, gold, red) ending up with a bright, almost glowing spectacle of opposites. The same rule was applied to hues and shapes – small bright artworks were contrasted against bigger, darker images. The final result was sticking and hard to miss!

Left: „Broken” (
Right: „Boo” (

Red vs Blue in art. Picture by Malicia Dabrowicz

Some artworks were hanged apart form the others as they had distinguished geometrical shapes and could not fit anywhere else. „Melora” – an electric blue-golden cat was one of them. You can see the scan here:

Geometrical cat named Melora. Picture by Malicia Dabrowicz

Cats were the main theme on our stand. We called our little shop „The cat corner” as Rita prepared a special collection of colorful and abstract cat images entitled „The M-cats”. If you’d like to see the high resolution scans of each cat artwork, please visit our blog from 2011, where we described each painting in detail:

Cats on display. Picture by Malicia Dabrowicz

Mal has taken an extra shoot of the whole table to show you how the whole layout has been designed. Several artworks you can see here have been sold at the festival and now are in private collections. Artworks displayed from the left:

The upper row:

„The Other & Two” (
„Michael” (
„Salem” ( )

The Middle Row:

„Light and Dark” (
„Summer hide-a-way” (
„Malice” (
„Moloko” (
„Science of mind”(
„Mella” (

The Bottom row:

„Makara” (
„Marina” (
„Karu” (

Even more cats on display! Picture by Malicia Dabrowicz

One of the most popular artwork displayed at the festival was entitled simply “4 cats”. It was a composition of four smaller pictures representing the four season of the year. Alfie, the golden cat was the Summer, Tru – a fiery red kitten symbolized the Autumn, Eevie impersonated the Spring and Rowena the white   was the symbol of Winter. You can see the each of the smaller pictures by clicking on the links below:


Four cats and four seasons. Picture by Malicia Dabrowicz

Full, framed pictured has been photographed by Mal and can be viewed here:

It was bought on Saturday morning and we hope the new owner is as much pleased with it as we were (and still are)!

All right folks, that’s all from the Earth Garden 2011. We will definitely be back this year too as well as theEarthGardenis something more than just yet another summer festival.
Watch this space for any EG 2012 announcements as they might appear shortly!

Have a great Easter,
Lots of love and chocolate eggs,

Rita and Mal

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