Office goodbyes and crowd control in photography

Dear folks,

Sixteen of March was one of those days. I had a MRI scan in the morning, then the vet was coming to see the cat and in the afternoon we had a goodbye meet-up at the office for one of our colleagues – Anita. Add unruly bus drivers, traffic jams and packed public transport to the mix. I had left the house at 8 am, came back at 14:00 for an hour and was out again until 18:00 pm. When I came back I was hungry, tired and incredibly stressed.

Me and Anita - photo by Sunny

But two weeks have passed and I hardly remember the bad moments. What I do remember is the fantastic good-bye we held for our Fraud Manager and one of the most kind-hearted persons we had a pleasure to work with.

Anita and Zsuzi - photo by Mal

Few days before the meet-up, I have found a wonderful card in a confectionary. It was huge, had a big “Sorry you are leaving” sign and a big white box that was shaped like an envelope to match it. I have brought it to the office and went from department to department so people could sign it. Usually it is tough to get a card signed, less alone A2 format, but believe me this time around the card was nearly filled up in an hour.  Let this fact alone serve as an explanation how praised and liked Anita was among our staff.

Anita, our Fraud Manager - test photo by Malicia

Anita wasn’t just switching jobs. She was leaving the island for good. I have asked her what she wanted for a good bye gift and she remarked that she wanted a photo with the people she worked for over 2 years. So here’s a tip for you photographers out there. It’s relatively easy to command a large group of camera shy people who use computers and other office equipment to hide from you. You simply do not inform them that you will be taking photos.

Anita and Sunny - photo by Malicia

I like to call it a Rambo tactic. You enter the room and shout “May I have your attention please” or “Parish announcements” (that always works for me) and everybody looks up at you. You put the camera in the air and continue “Pictures people. In 5 minutes in X spot”. If somebody tries to run away, you point a finger at them and say “You too”.

Everybody say `cheese` - photo by Malicia

As you can see from uploaded photos crowd control is easy. Once they are grouped you may want to remind them not to do silly faces as it is extremely hard to remove in Photoshop 😉 And then you just press the shutter.

I am looking at the photos now and I see a group of people who try their best at detecting fraud in all shapes and sizes. In the middle of them is Anita, who always was there to answer even most peculiar questions and who knew this business inside out. A certain era has ended with hers and Delphine`s departure. I know nothing last forever but … It is funny how you come day after day for 8-9 hours and you take the people for granted, like they will be always there to work with you. But they are not.

I don’t know about you folks, but I always had troubles with saying good byes. I’m too sentimental.

The crowd under control - photo by Mal

Anyway, there are always the good memories and the photos will remind me of tons of great days I have spent working with some really amazing people like Anita, Delphine and many others. I guess I need to bring my heavy Canon to the office more frequently.

Hey Anita, if you read this, have a great time back home and kick some asses for us. You are missed, but you know that already.


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