Confetti by Malicia

It’s middle of February already. I hate when life gets in-between and I have to concentrate on other issues. Quick word of explanation: I am battling an illness and it will be a while before I am on full speed again. It’s nothing life threatening but it is kind of demanding attention since I wasn’t taking care of it for many years (wasn’t aware of it as well but that’s a different story). Basically, if you feel that something is wrong, even if doctors keep telling you otherwise, go and find a doctor that will treat you as a partner, not just a “client”. Trust your gut feeling.

Fireflies by Malicia

Anyway, enough of complaining. I am going to add new sections to the blog. This will be photography (from time to time I will be uploading series of photos that I take) and promoting music (will be sharing my tips and tricks about promoting artists since the whole last year I did learn a lot). I wanna share what I know and perhaps somebody will learn a thing or two ;).

Green Fountain by Malicia

Today’s post will be kind of best of two worlds: music and photography. There is a fantastic new band I have discovered. They are Canadian trio known as Trailight. Their bassist – Omer Cordell – is also a kick ass photographer and a source of inspiration for me. His work is extremely focused, atmospheric and Omer is known to stick to his own rules. He shoots on film for example and gets better results than most people I know that prefer digital.

You may want to see his work HERE

Or just click a link below:

White Fountain by Malicia

Now, Trailight are demoing at this moment. They are present on Facebook and also have their own page, so hit them up, listen to their rehearsals and you can thank me later because those guys will be HUGE in the time to come.

Purple point by Malicia

As I mentioned before. Omer and his band inspired me to play with lights and do some photos on my own. They have nothing to do with the band itself, just seeing how hard Omer works, made me pick up my own heavy Canon and hit the streets.  This post is illustrated with shots I came up with.

Red Fountain by Malicia

You know this is a tribute 🙂

Hope you have a great week and I will post soon.

You may also like to learn more about Omer, his music and photography at this post:

xxx Malicia

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