Earth Garden Reminiscence: The Art Square

Welcome again!

We are not sure if anyone of you have ever felt it, but it is a very strange feeling to re-discover your photographs after so many months that you almost forgotten you have taken them. We have to admit to being a little bit ashamed. The Notte Bianca coverage was enormous; it took us almost 2 months to be completed but Earth Garden was also an important project and we wonder why we haven’t uploaded the photographs sooner! While looking through materials for this entry, we came across many exceptional pictures taken by Malicia. We realized they would need at least two blogs to be properly displayed. After a brainstorm, it was decided to have the pictures segregated into two categories: the ones taken at The Art Square and those from the Ethnic market.

Earth Garden banner, screenshot by Rita

The pictures below were taken at one of the two official places we had at the festival. Malicia was tasked to take care of the Tree of Art while Rita oversaw the stall at the Ethic market. This way, we have been in two different places and nothing has escaped our attention. Even during the night, we continued to be working: Malicia armed with a famous pink torchlight had so much fun playing the night guard, protecting the artworks gathered in The Square from being stolen or destroyed and acted as a taxi booking agent for the visitors.

A map of the festival, screenshot by Rita

We arrived to Ta’ Qali early in the morning on Saturday the 4th of June, several hours before the Art Square has been open to the public (opening time was scheduled at 4 pm). Few other artists have already been there before us, setting up their works on large black pedestals. We found out that our tree was near the middle of the Square, giving us a perfect view at all installations located there. Malicia took a picture trying to show you exactly what we saw in the front of us.

A view of the Art Square, picture by Malicia Dabrowicz

Having a lot of time on our hands, we started walking around, taking a closely look at the artists at work. It was a real hot, summer day and people were working tirelessly in full sunshine. We exchanged hellos and news with our friends and ended out helping those who needed an extra pair of hands. Malicia recalled cutting frames for one of the artworks of James Bianchi and helping him to attach it to the pedestal. You can see the artwork on the first pedestal from the right. More James’ pictures can be found here:

Another view of the Square, picture by Malicia Dabrowicz

During our wanders around the Square, we noticed exceptional artworks made by respected young Maltese artists. A digital collage of two women entitled “Rinaxximent-II-it-taqbida” by Pawlu Mizzi caught many eyes during the exhibition. Please visit his gallery to learn more:

Artwork by Pawlu Mizzi, picture by Malicia Dabrowicz

 At Earth Garden you don’t have to move at all to see something beautiful. Sometimes the art can even come to you. While hiding in the shade of our tree, we have been approached by our neighbor, Enrique Tabone. She asked if she could put one of her sculptures called “Lotus” under the tree. We immediately agreed as it was a brilliant idea! The flower complemented our installation and brought even more visitors to us! Please visit Enrique’s official blog:

Lotus by Enrique Tabone, picture by Malicia Dabrowicz

At midday, a time had finally come for us to decorate the Tree of Art. The concept was very simple: Malicia’s 8-piece photography series entitled “A mortal moment” has been attached to the tree’s trunk and largest branches. Rita’s orb series known as “Planet caravan” was hanged from the lighter, outer branches, circulating the whole tree. It took us about two hours to set everything up.

Full view of the Tree of Art, picture by Malicia Dabrowicz

After adding Enrique Tabone’s “Lotus” sculpture, the whole Tree of Art was completed. We took another picture of the whole installation from afar to show you the final effect and how big the tree really was. We were truly proud of the outcome. And the moment we finished preparing everything, few visitors showed up! How good is that!

Visitors at our site! Picture by Malicia Dabrowicz

Of course, pictures taken from the distance are not as good as the ones taken closely. Malicia photographed the tree from almost every angle, trying to document the arrangement as meticulously as possible. On the picture below you can see two photographs:  “Coral” on the right and “Sepia” on the left.

A closer look at "The Mortal moment" series, picture by Malicia Dabrowicz

The back of the tree was decorated with three other Malicia’s pictures. Starting from the left you can see: “Pearl”, “Carmine” and “Violet”. In the background on the left, one of Rita’s spheres is visible. It was called “The Moonlight” and represented the Condensation – a final stage in the planet’s watery life when the water is ready to return to the surface in the form of the rain. This orb has been purchased at the festival by an Indian gentleman as a present for the Mother’s day : )

Mortal moment series and the black orb, picture by Malicia Dabrowicz

Rita’s orbs made from recycled plastic and ecological materials were suspended on multicolored ribbons. There were six spheres in total, each one symbolizing a stage in water circle of a planet. The one you see below is “The Starlight” – the Evaporation, a moment when rain clouds are born.

A blue orb, picture by Malicia Dabrowicz

The yellow orb floating in the air on the next picture is called “The Broadlight”. You can see the black pedestals of the Art Square in the distance. The orb represents the sun in its highest point during the day, The Noon. The orb has been purposely positioned right in the middle of the tree. This is also the sign of the Sublimation – water is changing from one form to the other.

Yellow orb and the Square in the background, picture by Malicia Dabrowicz

The red orb, decorated with feathers is called “The Daylight”.  It was suspended on the left side of “Sepia” directly between “Cyan” (at the bottom) and “Emerald” (on the top and a bit to the left). It represents the Precipitation – the beginning of a water circle.

Red orb among Mortal moments :), picture by Malicia Dabrowicz

Our last picture was taken in the afternoon, when our installation began drawing crowds. The 5th edition of the festival proved to be a huge success. We cannot tell you how many people visited it, but we are a few hundreds at least. After several hours of explaining the meaning behind the artworks and photographs, we could barely speak not to mention we were sun burnt! But it was definitely worth it!

People come and people go! Picture by Malicia Dabrowicz

You can find more information about theEarthGardenat their official website:

More pictures can also be seen at their official Earth Garden Facebook page:

 Please return tomorrow to learn more about the Ethnic Market.   

Till then,

Rita and Malicia Dabrowicz

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