Earth Garden Reminiscence: The Guestbook

 Hello you all!

 So good to be back after several days off! We hope you had a wonderful time and lots of fun. It’s almost the end of the month and the end of the year as well. We decided that for the few remaining days of 2011, we will be tying up the loose ends and odd bits together, summarizing the very busy 12 months we had. The first thing on our list is the Earth Garden. The celebration of ecology, art and music took place in Ta’ Qali National Park on Malta on the 4th and 5th of June.

Earth Garden 2011 logo, screen by Rita. Please visit for more information:

As you remember, we have been preparing to Earth Garden since April. Mal was taking pictures for a series she named “A Mortal moment” and Rita was working on a collection of “orbs” that portrayed a life circle of a planet entitled “Planet Caravan”. We have also posted several pictures of our site at the festival. The blog entries can be found here:

Water circle was the main theme for Earth Garden in 2011. Screen by Rita, Please read

 July and August proved to be extremely busy for us with almost no time to write. Then Notte Bianca arrived and somehow the guestbook entries left by Earth Garden visitors and the photographs from the event were never published. Until now of course. Please scroll down to view several extraordinarily nice comments we received for our installations.

A screen with short bio for Rita and Malicia Dabrowicz 😀

 The fist entry was left anonymously by somebody fromLondon. It says:


Of all the installations I have seen on Malta…

This was the best!! Big love from London, England.” Thank you whoever you are! It is good to be considered the best of all artists displaying their works. There were more than 30 installations and almost 50 artists, performers and musician playing to entertain the crowds.

Guestbook page scanned by Malicia

Anthony and Beson, two visitors shared the second page and posted random things that came to their heads to bring good humor and positive vibes to the guestbook. Benson wrote: “Benson was tasting the mango. Nice : )”. Anthony added in capitals: “Anthony WAS HERE! 2011”.  We hope to see you next year as well!

Guestbook page scanned by Malicia

 Sadly, our next guest signed his or hers entry with an unreadable signature and we cannot decipher it. No less, the straight-to-the-point comment sums our artistic initiative very well. It says: “WICKED!”. Well, thank you very much!

Guestbook page scanned by Malicia

Claire, Paul and Matt, came next and left a whole lotta love to us! Their charming comment reads “Clair, Matt and Paul were here! See ya!” The post is decorated by hand drawn hearts – much appreciated folks! It’s good to be adored!

Guestbook page scanned by Malicia

Mark and Jacqueline also had nice things to say about our artworks. They left their opinion on page 5 and encouraged others to continue with their artistic efforts. They wrote: “Well done. Just keep it up all of ya!” Please visit us next year as well, as we plan to present a new project in 2012!

Guestbook page scanned by Malicia

 The last page belongs to Bobi, a self proclaimed pacifist with a peace sign in her name. Bobi declared her life-long commitment to art and Earth garden by writing:

“Earth Garden for life!,

Giggle, lol,

Love, Bobbi”

Guestbook page scanned by Malicia

Much love to you to! Giggles are much needed, especially in the hard times!

We must admit that the guestbooks from Notte Bianca and Earth Garden are completely different.  The Earth Garden one is much happier and optimistic. We absolutely love all entries and we hope to meet all authors sometime soon.

Please come back tomorrow top see the beautiful pictures we took in June!

All the best on Boxing Day,

Rita and Malicia D.

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