Notte Bianca Retrospective #7: Libra

Hello there!

Another short break was needed to celebrate Halloween but we are back once more to continue with our journey through Notte Bianca files. You may not realize it yet, but we are exactly in the middle! 6 zodiac signs behind us already and 6 more to go! When you are having lots of fun, the time passes incredibly quickly!

Libra logo prepared for Notte Bianca, made by Rita and scanned by Mal

Libra is one of so called “quiet” zodiac signs. People born under this sign are said to be very intellectual, great scholars, philosophers and geeks. They are not very outgoing, prefer staying indoors with a good book in their hands. They are also shy and have problems making friends. But once they gather a faithful circle of friends around them, they become a heart and soul of the pack. Libras do not voice their opinions often, but will never miss a chance to condemn injustice, racisms or any other wrongdoing. They are also very lucky. They can win large sums of money in casinos and greatly enjoy games and competitions. The sign of Libra is ruled by the element of air and signify the change of seasons – passing of Summer and the coming of Autumn. 

We must admit that we do not know anyone born under the sign of Libra. As a family of Crustaceans (four Scorpios, one Crab and a Fish) our friends are also born somewhere between late October and April, with small exceptions of several Lions. We are very curious then what a true Libra is like!


Libra background, written by Rita and scanned by Mal


The first comment about Libras is semi positive. Left by an anonymous author it says: “Many of them are quite friendly and bubbly. They tend to be nice to everybody, often change their views and opinions. Cute but not trustworthy”. Carrie Fisher, American actress and novelist, is very trustwortyhy to us! Her portrayal of Princess Leia in the original trilogy of The Star Wars convinced millions that there is a battle going on (constantly!)  in a galaxy far, far away! 

Libra guestbook page scanned by Malicia

Another visitor signed his comment with his or her full surname but unfortunately we are unable to understand what it is. The comment is rather personal one: “Libra, my version, is extremely relaxed. And I have the same sense when thinking of justice”. The justice should be relaxed sometimes as lack of common sense and desire to punish even the smallest, trifling offence is as bad as complete lack of justice at all.

Libra guestbook page scanned by Malicia

Third author was born in Orleans in France on 16th of October 1950. As the post is signed only with an unreadable signature, we do not know the name or sex of the visitor. The comment reads “I’m still young. Libras are fascinating!” On the same page another person added: “Most Libras are in fact Virgos but do not really want to reveal that fact. Anyway, cautious, calculating, never short of an excuse would fit any Libras”. The comment ends with an unrelated note “Very bad hand writing sorry”. No need to apologize, we have seen worse!

Libra guestbook page scanned by Malicia

Halleja, our next visitor started writing her comment with “It doesn’t matter…” but then changed her mind and decided to respond to the information printed by us in Libra’s background leaflet: “I agree  with `enjoying competitions and bets` though I wouldn’t say I was lucky”. Many Libras do not feel how lucky they are. Catherine Zeta Jones, Bryan Ferry, Gwyneth Paltrow, John Lennon, Gwen Stefani of No Doubt and many more very successful artists have shaped the world as we know it. Without them, it just wouldn’t be the same!

Libra guestbook page scanned by Malicia

The following page has been used for only one, very short comment but how good it is! Another unreadable signature sadly does not allow us to tell you more about the author. The comment reads: “I am a Libra and would not change it!” Why change something when it is perfect, right?

Libra guestbook page scanned by Malicia

It seems that certain Libras are also excellent in creating puzzles and rhymes. The next comment, left by anonymous writer, goes like this:
“Libra is me.
 The one you cannot see.
 Circling around this room
 You might see me soon.”

Libra guestbook page scanned by Malicia

Marion and Ray (Libra and Leo respectively) have shared a heart-warming story with us. They have been married for 30 years! Please read what they wrote: “Libra people met well to do with Leo. I know what I am saying cause I’ve been married to a Leo male for 30 years now. May God bless us”.

Libra guestbook page scanned by Malicia

We cannot tell if  Orne, our next author – is a Libra himself/herself, or maybe just has a soft spot for them, but the comment mentions: “Very beautiful and social people. Always smile”. Linda Hamilton, Kristianna Loken and Monica Bellucci are known for their stunningly good looks.

Libra guestbook page scanned by Malicia

Brünn, a 100% Libra is convincing the fellow Librians to go out more by writing: “I tent to help others. Be social!” Indeed, Ozzy Ozbourne, P Diddy or tennis star Serena Williams are known to extraordinary social and serve as hosts to the biggest shows, like Party in white (PDiddy) and Ozzfest (Ozzy).

Libra guestbook page scanned by Malicia


The last page of the guestbook was shared by two different guests – both anonymous. First author left a one-liner comment: “Lots of talk, no walk”. The second one was more talkative and stated: “I work for Libra. Even tempered, thoughtful, intelligent caring (women). Not exciting, too laid back (men)”.

Libra guestbook page scanned by Malicia

Summing it all up: Libras really need to spend more time socializing, but they will gladly help you, when you are in trouble. They are laid back but can change their minds quite quickly and do something else than what is expected of them. They are caring and loving partners, greatly matched with Leos. They are concealed Virgos but nobody needs to know about it! Libras are also intelligent and deep thinkers. Everyone should have at least one Libra around them!

Next blogs will be all about the Pisces and photography, so stay tuned!
C ya soon!



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