Halloween bash!!

Heya everybody!

We had taken a little break from the guestbooks because of our birthday (29th of October) and our beloved celebration – the Halloween! Not many people can admit that their birthday parties last for several days – we start celebrating on the 29th and we end on November 2nd 😀 It’s soo good to be a Scorpio!

A perfect Halloween pumpkin

As every year, we prepared the typical Halloween treats – candies and pumpkin. Malicia prepared 4 different pumpkins for herMaltacelebration. Rita, currently residing in theUK, prepared only one, but she was scary as hell! Bought on the town’s market, the pumpkin weighted more than 4,5 kg! It was also the last one Rita could find as every other vegetable (even melons!!) were sold out. The most scaring thing however, was a visit to the local supermarket. On Halloween, around 15:00 PM, the workers started taking the Halloween decorations down and exchanging them with Christmas ones! They even played “Jingle Bells” to utter surprise of the shoppers. Asked what they are doing, one of the clerks explained that the supermarket’s policy is to provide their customers with an easy access to Holiday gifts and items….

Sweets prepared for guests

After scaring Rita nearly out her mind, the second part of preparations was pretty easy. Rita got several bags with Halloween sweets and left the store singing Type O Negative’s “Black No.1” at the top of her lungs 😀

Two bowls filled with candies!

After arriving safely home, Rita started preparing the candies for the kids living on her streets. The sweets were put into beautiful porcelain dish and decorated with two fake eyeballs 😀 Overall effect was simply stunningly sweet! Of course one pot of candies is not enough when you live on a street filled with cats, witches and a band of terrifying blond haired vampires in the form of 8 year old girls reading “Twilight”. To satisfy their hunger, Rita bought an extra big package of Harribo jelly –ghost. Luckily she had another porcelain dish with a beautiful autumn pattern on it!

Carved pumpkin, isn’t she pretty?

All right! Now it was time to carve the pumpkin. It was piece of cake as the pumpkin was nearly rotten and it was easy to remove everything from the inside. Rita went with simple design this year – triangle eyes, open mouth and vampire fangs. The Pumpkin’s name? A real classic, scaring whole world wide population since the Great Depression! Ladies and Gentleman – let us introduce Crisizz! The most popular word of 2011!

All three together now….

Now, only few memorial pictures were left to be taken and the celebration could begin! It was rainy, dark, windy and the electrical company have turned off all the lamps in the neighborhood, apparently to make the whole scenery even more frightening and to prevent people from trick and treating too fast! It’s good to know somebody out there is thinking about you and makes sure you’d have the time of your life walking from door to door in complete darkness! Maintenance on a Halloween night? Nah, we know better!

Outside in the rain 😀

With the help of a flash light, Crisizz was put outside near the door and the candle inside was lit! Rita stayed indoors and awaited the invasion of little monsters asking for candies. She was not disappointed. The warm light of the pumpkin lantern attracted the attention of the first brave witch who rang the doorbell with the assistance of her father.

Crisizz is on fire now!

The protector nearly killed himself in the dark slipping on a pavement. Expressing his joy and excitement with few profanities and scaring the 3 year old nearly to tears, they left with a chocolate bar.

And now she is properly scary!

The rest of trick and treaters came and went very slowly like a funeral procession taking each step carefully to avoid puddles and holes. After 3 hours, all candies were given away and Rita knew it was the end. The pumpkin was left burning for the rest of the night. On the next day, Rita found her neighbor cat sitting on the door mat meowing for food. She knew it was a good Halloween!

Yes… Happy Halloween, now FEED ME!

Hope you had as lovely Halloween as Rita had.

Trick of Treat!



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