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Time flies when you are having fun. Indeed! The time is flying so fast that Notte Bianca is round the corner now. In just under a week, we will be celebrating the white night of art with hundreds of other artists from all around the world and thousands of visitors. Our project is known as “THE ASTRAL ROOM” and will be presented inMessinaPalacein co-operation with German-Maltese Circle, in Valetta. The exhibition will open on October the 1st and will last for two weeks.

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The art collective known as PHOS consists of Malicia and Rita Dabrowicz, British artist Matt Griffiths and Maltese photographer Martin Galea De Giovanni. Martin and Malicia will be displaying their photography inspired by stars and astrology, while Rita and Matt prepared a series of 12 artworks depicting astrological signs as women. The signs are present in many cultures and over the centuries gained many different meanings. Astral Room series will try to portray each sign as a feminine character from tales, myths and unique artistic perspective.

AQUARIUS – the lady of the water

Element: Water

Date: 20th January – 19th February

Planet: Uranus

Brightest star: Sadalsuud

copyrights by Rita Dabrowicz and Matt Griffiths

Hi-resolution image can be seen HERE:

Rita: It is the first artwork in the series and holds a special position for me. I like the blue color and the underwater feeling of the artwork.

Matt: I remember working on the sketch during one boring Sunday afternoon and drawing for fun. I quickly realized drew something unique and shared the results with others. I am very proud of the outcome – the lady looks like she is floating in space closed in a giant water bubble.

The project was born in 2008 when Matt, while practicing his drawing skills, came up with a sketch of a sitting female, with her legs crossed, looking into the distance as if she was waiting for something. He showed the sketch to his friends who were all impressed by the details and serene atmosphere of the artwork. Finally, the sketch was given to Rita who decided to color it using an abstract method. The result was simply stunning – the underwater lady became the Aquarius, the 11th zodiac sign and the first work in the entire series.

In legends, Aquarius is typically presented as a male, a beautiful Greek boy kidnapped by Zeus to become a cup bearer to Olympian Gods. Here, the boy becomes a woman trapped under the water, awaiting her release. 

In Babylonian and Egyptian tales, the water carrier is a woman, the goddess of water or the spirit of the riverNile. She is so powerful that she has to be tamed by river banks and valleys created by other gods. She is the giver of life as her waters are flooding the fields allowing people to grow crops.


VIRGO – the virgin goddess

Element: Earth

Date: 23rd August – 23rd September

Planet: Mercury

Brightest star: Spica

copyrights by Rita Dabrowicz and Matt Griffiths

Hi-resolution image can be seen HERE:

Virgo was first entitled “Venus” after the Bananarama song. I like the background the most; I have used 7 different layers of paint to create it!

Matt: The sketch was inspired by the art of Luis Royo. I think her face is somewhat angry or disappointed, but still I am extremely proud of her. This is one of my favorite works in the series.

Virgo – the maiden, the princess, the goddess – this sign has been given many names. Virgo is the most feminine zodiac sign and the symbol of social justice and grace. As a sixth sign, she rules the element of earth and marks the beginning of astronomical autumn. She has been tied to several goddesses including Demeter, her daughter Persephone, Ceres and the great Egyptian Isis. In Roman mythology, Virgo is the goddess of Justice, Astraea. She was so tired of raging wars caused by men that she decided to leave the Earth forever. As she loved the humans more than any other god, she was the last celestial entity to leave. For that she was placed in the sky as the symbol of unity of love. She holds the Libra, the scale in her hands. Sumerian legends are presenting Virgo as the Goddess Nidaba – the learner, creator and inventor of harvests. Nidaba was the close associate of Enki – the god of wisdom. She created the regional boarders, separated the lands from water, created countries and mountain ranges. She intellectual skills are said to be given to all born under her sign.


SCORPIO – the fire within

Element: Water

Date: 23rd of October – 22nd of November

Planet: Mars/Pluto (co-rulers)

Brightest star: Antares

copyrights by Rita Dabrowicz and Matt Griffiths

Hi-resolution image can be seen HERE:

Rita: As a Scorpio myself, I live by the motto “Woe to my enemies” 🙂 This artwork was colored to the sound of a beautiful song by Brett Anderson “The Scorpio Rising”. I like the red color as I believe the sign is more fire than water 🙂

Matt: Scorpio is unique to me for several reasons. First, the sketch that was used to create this artwork has been drawn under similar circumstances like Aquarius – on a sunny Sunday afternoon. It was perfect from the very beginning – there was no need to fix or change anything. The thick, golden lines around the figure symbolize a barrier that cannot be easily passed. The lady seems to be protected by an aura of power – or by the fire that burns from within.

Scorpio is regarded as the deadliest zodiac sign. It is the symbol of war, fire, death, but also the eternal life and being reborn. Scorpio was a powerful force in alchemy and ancient magic – today it symbolizes a detective or an undercover agent. As the eight sign, Scorpio is ruled by Mars – the god of War and by Pluto (Hades) – the god of Death. Its element is water, but judging by the fierce character of people born under this sign, the water must be boiling hot! Several legends are describing this dangerous sign. The most popular tale is the Greek myth about the deadly competition between Artemis and Orion – two excellent hunters. Artemis won and the punishment for Orion was to be killed by Scorpio sent by the Goddess. In several version of the myth it is Artemis herself who turns into the Scorpio to punish the mortal. Romans believed that it wasn’t Artemis who decided to kill Orion, but the Earth Goddess Gaia trying to stop him from overhunting the animals that inhabited the Earth. Whoever took the form of the Scorpio was convincing enough to make Orion run for his life. The eternal chase is still on, as Orion is always on the opposite side of the night sky – when Scorpio raises, Orion scurries away from his attacker.

In Babylonian legends, Scorpio is the female guardian of light and darkness, the mother of the Scorpion men that open the door for the Sun when it is travelling out at Dawn and closing the doors at Dusk when the Sun returns to the underworld for the night.

GEMINI – the twin sisters


Element: Air

Date: 21st of May – 21st of June

Planet: Mercury

Brightest star: Pollux

copyrights by Rita Dabrowicz and Matt Griffiths

Hi-resolution image can be seen HERE:

Rita: Gemini was inspired by Rorschach inkblot tests – it was created by mirroring the sketch provided by Matt. The abstract form makes it very hard to see the separate images – some people have seen birds, frogs and other animals while looking at it!

Matt: The artwork is very confusing to those who see it – it can confuse your mind to the point that you are not sure what you are looking at! I think Gemini is the cute version of mythical Cuthulu 🙂

Twin brothers or twin sisters appear in every culture in the world. They represent the dualist nature of the world: the day and night, light and darkness, the good and the bad. Their source of existence is always the same, their nature always changing and unpredictable. Twins are the separate halves of the same whole, connected by mysterious bond that nobody but them can understand. Artemis was the twin sister of Apollo, the maiden huntress from Greek tales. Helen of Troy was the twin sister of Clytemnestra; both were born from an egg laid by Leda. In Sumerian myths, the powerful Nut – the goddess of sky is the twin sister (and the better half) of the Earth god Geb. The most famous twin sisters however come from the Mesopotamian lore – the tale of Innana the goddess of love and her trip to the underworld to pay a visit to her sister Ereshkigal has been the central concept in the circle of Life saga.

Flyer for Notte Bianca 2011

Those are the first 4 ZODIAK signs prepared by us. Please check in soon to learn about the rest!

Hope to see you here soon.


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