A bit of luxury on Women`s Day


This will be a short update. We really had a tiring day. But it was worth it.

As you know, 8th of March is an International Women`s Day. This year it was a double celebration as Fat Tuesday (Mardi Gras) happened on the same day.

Photo by Mal

So to honour these two important occassions, we did some crazy and sweet stuff. First of all, a big thank you goes to Charlene of Soap Cafe. She really helped us to prepare some magnificent gifts for our female friends. And luxurious at that. Heart shaped body lotions with glitter. Hand made, vegan and 100% organic. Named “Diva”. Beautifully packed with a gift card. We were able to suprise our friends and they loved the gifts to pieces.

Hey, after all what are friends for? To be spoiled (a little bit). 🙂      

If you are unsure where to go if you need to get an unique present, seriously Soap Cafe is the best place. And we do not say that because we had our works showcased there. We say that, because we can always count on Charlene and her amazing skills.

Charlene will be participating in the Patches Market on 13th of March in Valletta so if you feel like meeting her and seeing what she has to offer, we encourage you to do so.

Here`s how the gifts looked like:

Photo by Mal, product by Soap Cafe

Another gorgeous thing done today: we got a big bag of assorted sweets to the office and delivered it on all three floors. Everthing was eaten by the end of the day and everyone was content. A perfect farewell to the Carnival season. As usual we had a blast, nothing cheers you up on a cold (and windy day) like chocolate. Tested and approved.

In the end we want to send our warm wishes to all the girls, women, ladies and grannies out there. You are splendid, all of you, you make half of the world`s population and seeing how many of you went out today to demand what is rightfully yours, made us so proud to be females. This small polaroid below  is for you.

Digital polaroid by Mal


Happy Women`s Day wherever and whoever you are.


Mal+ Rita

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