Of Valentines and cyber punk

Another day, another update at the blog.

Today we want to share two series of digital polaroids with you. One was created for an office party. The other is not yet finished, it will be growing a bit in the coming days but we want to present it anyway. The series is called Attica.

Both Rita and I hate boredom. The routine is creative minds` biggest enemy. Thats why, we are always trying to change our surroundings, we look for something new, we don`t wait for things to come our way – we make them happen. It is maybe unusual but believe us, life is so much better that way. It is the good time and good memories that count.

Photo by Mal

Disturbing office life in a posivite manner is one of the things that we do. Mal works for Igaming company, people come to the same place everyday, spend their nine hours there and head home. Nothing wrong with that but it doesn`t take that much to actually have a really wonderful atmosphere at the workplace. You need a proof? On Chinese New Year, Mal brought real dumplings and shared with her colleagues. She made them with a help of her friend Lily. Just a small plate of dumplings and suddenly everybody felt different. Sometime later another colleague came with home made pancakes while somebody else bought pizzas for everybody on the shift.

Photo by Mal

This Valentine`s Mal decided to bring a party to the office. After all it is really sad to be working on such an important day. Plus in February two years have passed since Mal joined the company. So there was a reason to celebrate.

To have a real tea party, we needed teas and cakes. And good ones! Thankfully, we know exactly where to get the most amazing sweets on the island. Busy Bee in Msida is known as one of the oldest coffe houses in Malta and they produce quality cakes, sweets, chocolates. So we visited the shop and agreed that we would get two gateaux: almond cake with amaretto and pavlova and dark chocolate with profiterols. Sounds heavenly? We told you that Busy Bee produces amazing things and they taste just as they look. We couldnt help ourselves and we took a shot of each cake as a memento. They now illustrate this blog entry.

Photo by Mal


To go with the cakes, we needed a good selection of teas. Things got a little complicated here because tastes are diifferent. We did a brainstorming session and settled on fair trade herbal teas. We decided to have three different types: Jasmine/Green Tea, Bluberry and Oolong and White Tea with Pomegranate.

Impressive menu one must admit. Mal took the cakes to the office on 14th of February and watched her colleagues amazement. Obviously the cakes got eaten immediately, while teas lasted for a while. The day ended on a really nice note with people joking, recalling stories of their past Valentines and being simply happy. Many people actually mentioned that it was the best Valentines Day they had in a while. And Mal agrees. It was just perfect.

Photo by Mal

And as any artist Mal celebrated Valentines preparing a digital polaroid for the ocassion.


We know how to party, but our usual day is not cakes and suprises. It`s rather hard work on two fronts. We both have our day time jobs and we try to balance it with our creative projects. Sometimes you have so little time for working on something artistic that you keep the ideas written in a notebook and you can only do some partial illustration to it.


Photo by Mal, concept by Rita


This is a case with Attica. Memorial Attica is a building and a very important place in a large universe that Rita and I created some ten years ago. It is a classical cyber punk environment set in the years 2050 – 2090 in Tokyo. We have so many plots inside this universe that it would be impossible to mention them all here. Hopefully with time we will be able to close this saga and perhaps release it in a form of books or online comics.

Photo by Mal, concept by Rita

Within the cyber punk universe,  Memorial Attica is the control center run by Peter Boyle – very influencial and resourceful business man/politician/innovator. It is a fortress that holds both offices for Boyle`s Research Network Foundation and his living quarters. It towers over the Tokyo skyline.

Photo by Mal, concept by Rita

If we have a spare while, we return to this universe and try to close the loop holes. Recently Mal realized that she had taken many shots of the Portomaso Tower and tried turn them into polaroids. Just to visualize how Memorial Attica would look like. It was the best choice for reference, as we dont have that many modern skyscrappers. For those who dont know, Portomaso Tower is based in St. Julians in Malta and is the highest building on the island at 22 floors. Memorial Attica as we see it, would be much taller with some 120 floors (yes it is in the far future and it is a part of a futuristic metropolis) but we did those polaroids to see how Attica`s character would be. We think Portomaso Tower did a great job at pretending to be something its not. But please judge for yourself.

Photo by Mal, concept by Rita

Attica series is in progress so in the future we may return to it to present some more reference/character ideas. But so far we are quite content. Those polaroids are both dark and futuristic. They have this sense of danger and fear and mystery about them. And that is exactly what cyber punk is all about.

We`ll see you later.


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