Getting lyrical


Mal`s here. Rita`s retreated to bed as she had a long and busy day.

Today at the office I showed the blog to a couple of colleagues and they were all very suprised that I was writing. I mean they all know pretty well that I am inseparable with my heavy Canon but somehow nobody realized that I was also into short – stories and poetry. It got me thinking. Both Rita and I write since we were able to hold a pen. We`ve got a whole cabinet full of notes, stories, poems, lyrics, how on earth nobody knows that we do it?

Oh well, did we ever advertise it? Hardly.

Perhaps a good moment arrived to change it.

Below you will find two lyrics. One by me and one by Rita. Accidently they are both written on the 20th of January, but there is six years between them. They are not poems, they are song lyrics without music. They are extremly personal, and that is a reason we do not show them so often.

I will however try to change it  and post some of the lyrics on the blog in the future.

 But I also want to combine the lyrics with the artworks. I have always loved “Perspective nr 4” that Rita did a while back. It goes just perfect with the piece as it adds another meaning to the text. “As needed for” is my homage to Mike Williams, who was one of my main influences as a songwriter. You may know him as a lead singer of “EyeHateGod”. It has a lot of layers and references, second stanza doesnt require any explanation if you remember Al Rosa Villa incident…

Image by Rita

As needed for…

And as the levee broke
We cried your names
Water drowns the fear untill you remember to

Report the loses

Departed – not dead
Separated – not gone
We did what had to be done

And as the shots died out
We bled with you
Words bear no meaning untill you have to

Bury a brother

Departed – not dead
Separated – not gone
Through suffering respect is earned

And as you were dying
We starved with you
Bread mixed with water untill you shed

Your disease away

Departed – not dead
Separated – not gone

Take as needed for

your pain

January 20th 2011

I have always wanted to illustrate “Seattle Rain”, i find this piece hauntingly beautiful. It deals with the loss of somebody we have always respected and admired. The polaroid to this lyrics is called “Troubled Moon” after a song by Devil Head. It is a sister polaroid to the “Way of blue” that I created a year ago.


Digital polaroid by Mal

Seattle Rain

Been there waiting
Sitting on the doorstep
Seen your moon shining bright

The day never came
Once again I was lost
Hungered and dreaming of u

How much lie is in the truth I was told?
How much truth is in the song that I sing?
I got nothing to lose but myself
In this cold Seattle rain

The shadows they move
Dance on the egde of my view
Close my eyes not to see

My voice is unheard
All my questions uncalled
My love’s buried deep

How much life is in the death I have known?
How much death is in the life that I live?
You got nothing to lose but myself
In this cold Seattle rain

I can’t reach the other side
With all the stoplights so green
And I heard your scream through it all
It was our last year like this

How much lie is in the truth I have known?
How much death is in the song that I sing?
We had nothing to prove but ourselves
In this cold Seattle rain

January 20, 2004

I hope you  like it.

Off to bed with me.



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