Freedom or fire


“Dissension is our way of life. We fight for it” – Faction statement


Past two weeks have been dedicated to writing. Mal has at least three notebooks placed around the house in various rooms, all filled with notes and character designs. To be very honest, we dont remember last time, we had been so occupied with a single story. Not only the story-line, but also visuals and design of characters, their actions, beliefs, even clothes they wear seem to be very important. We dont have a steady title as yet but we call it “Philosophy of distrain”, and we think this will stay, unless we think of something more user-friendly (read more commercial ;)).

“Philosophy” is planned to be a cyber-punk with a plot resolving around man – machine war but believe us the story -line touches on a series of rather contemporary subjects. Last decade provided enough of material to visualize quite a dark and dystopian future where death and oppresion dont even raise eyebrows anymore.

“I have no blood in my veins but liquid fire, it is burning out my heart” – Columbine

The story follows a group of dissidents who call themselves “Faction”. This group formed mostly by young people (some of them are as young as 5-8 years old and not older than 20). They are the lost generation, children of the streets, orphans, misfits, addicts, who for most of their lives were neglected and ridiculed by the State. Forgotten and left alone, members of “Faction” lived and survivred on their own. They are maybe young but their experience on the streets is second to none. While the rest of society depends on machines and technology in their daily life, “Faction” members depend on their skills. 


“Dishonesty is death. There is no redemption” – Arche

Regarded as troublemakers and incurables, “Faction” was commonly refferred to as “street rats” by press and often suffered abuse from law enforcers. Nearly all members carry a scar that resembles a triangle from police teaser guns. The triangle serves as recognition mark and as a symbol for the group.

Faction is organized by  five protagonists known as “The Core”. They are Arche, Columbine, brothers Kaji and Kori and Spark. They are the most experienced both in direct combat and sabotage. Each of them commands a small unit and is responsible for a different task within the organization. “The Core” considers themselves as last hope for humanity and swears to wage a war on the high technology that enslaved the Society. 

“Human being has one choice – to die like a coward or to become a tool of destruction. Now ask me where I stand” – Spark

They run a succesful series of attacks on infrastructure, machines and government officials. But it is their latest attempt that puts them in the spotlight. A bomb planted at a local police station explodes claiming more than 200 lives and making “Faction” an enemy of the State. With Army closing on them, The Core desperately try to find a way out. Columbine sets on a mission to locate a man knowns as Phobos- a legendary leader from a previous War while the rest of the group continues their cause of terror.  

“We are not a cancer of your society. We have never been part of it. Your world is built on greed, pain and slavery. We think of ourselves as effect to your causes. We are the gun to your temple, where trigger had been pulled generations ago. We are the path of annihilation that will bring your end” – Kaji

Columbine`s quest is followed by the  most powerful digital creation of the State known as MINA. Both are equally determined to achieve their goal, no matter the cost. So will man or machine prevail?

The project will  have approx. 17 chapters, each illustrated by either digital polaroids or paintings by Rita. We know it may sound ambitious but we want to do it best way we can.

“When all is lost, violence becomes an act of heroism. With nothing left to sacrifice, you can only offer yourself” – Kori

That brings us to the miniseries we designed last week and which you can see illustrating this entry. It is called “Immolation”. Each polaroid is representing a stage in the burning process and is accompanied by a quote from one of the Core members.

The element of fire is strongly incorporated into the story. It is not only a symbol of rebellion and fight but sometimes it is also extreme form of protest against the evil one sees in the world. You may think about the Buddist monk Thích Quảng Đức or more recently Mohamed Bouazizi – who`s death started uprising in Tunesia. Nearly half of self -immolation acts are commited by women.  One of such incredibly brave and commited individuals was Kathy Change.  We want to dedicate the “Immolation” series to those who chosed  freedom by fire instead of slavery.

Next week we will post more illustration and some character designs. So please watch this space.


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